The 10 Best Men's Sandals for Sweaty Feet

Dealing with sweaty feet can be really frustrating. Not only do your shoes and sandals end up smelling bad, but you might also struggle with blisters and other issues related to your feet being wet and sticky all the time. This is one of the worst kinds of problems to suffer from if you love wearing sandals since many sandals are not made to take on this kind of challenge. It is all too common for sandals to cause blisters and rub when they are worn on sticky and sweaty feet. This is why sandal design is so important for those who sweat a lot.

If you have thought that you could not wear sandals due to your sweaty feet, you are in luck! You will not have to give up your favorite kind of footwear so long as you make sure that you invest in the right sandals. Managing your foot comfort when you have  sweaty feet can be easy with the right footwear on your side.

If you are ready to learn some more about the sandals that you can buy that are made just for sweaty feet, you will need to read on!

What Can You Do To Help Manage Sweaty Feet?

Our feet have many sweat glands, the organ that produces sweat. With approximately 125,000 sweat glands our feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of your body. In fact, on a daily basis, our feet actually produce over 16 oz of perspiration per day. That’s a lot of sweat!

Some people just have sweatier feet than others. This is often not a condition that you can prevent; however, the good news is that you can take steps to reduce the amount of sweat your feet produce and take steps to make your feet more comfortable. Avoiding wearing fully-enclosed shoes all day long is an important step to ensure your feet can breathe and air out. This will help with your overall comfort and will help prevent blisters and bad odors. It's also important to make sure that you are not wearing shoes that are tight or too form-fitting throughout the day if you want to avoid the conditions that lead to sweaty and sticky feet.

Finally, make sure that you wash your feet thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap at least once a day. This will help reduce the bacteria that is causing some of your foot odors   You will also want to consider investing in an anti-sweat foot powder to help minimize the moisture on your feet, which in turn will prevent blisters and sores from getting worse.

While this is not a condition that you can totally prevent, you can make it much easier to reduce and prevent issues with your sweaty feet.

Best Men's Sandals for Feet that Sweat

This is a premium sandal that is made from durable and lightweight cork and a rubber sole. You will get a soft and flexible leather upper on this sandal as well that is lined with wicking microfiber material that will keep your feet dry and blister-free. The sole of this sandal will not absorb sweat and create oily places for your feet to rest, and you will love that the design of the footbed prevents rubbing and chafing even if your feet are wet.

This is a sandal that is designed to be water-resistant and to be used at the beach, so you will get the right set of features and functions to prevent discomfort from sweaty feet. The EVA midsole is protected from moisture in this sandal, and you will be able to keep your feet comfortable all day long with this pair of sandals on your side. This is a well-made and carefully constructed sandal that will take care of your foot comfort with ease, even if you have sweaty feet.

These sandals run true to size and come in many colors. It is a simple and athletic design that offers you access to a light and durable rubber sole and a synthetic upper that will not rub or chafe. The inner lining of the simple upper will keep your feet dry and secure, and you will love that the anatomical footbed is meant to stay dry and comfortable even if you get your feet wet or you sweat a lot.

These sandals are easy to clean and are water-resistant, so they will not become smelly or get stained after use on sweaty feet. They also offer a really nice shock absorber in the heel that makes walking over long distances so much more comfortable and enjoyable than in other sandals. The simplicity of the design of these sandals does not mean that they are not effective at taking care of your feet. You will get the right blend of comfort and functionality from these sandals all day long.

This is a really clever sandal design that is machine washable and highly durable. The Oofoam sole is made to offer you superior support and shock absorption, and you will love that the foam cells of this sandal are sealed so they won't draw in moisture or bacteria. This is a really well-designed and futuristic sandal that is backed by science and made to last. This is also a footwear item that is backed by the Podiatric Medical Association!

If you have flat feet and also struggle with sweaty foot issues, this is a great sandal for your needs. Despite the practical materials of this sandal design, you will get long-lasting support that helps your feet to land perfectly in every stride. You will also be able to prevent issues with heel pain and chafing due to the superior design of this sandal product.

Everything about this sandal is meant to prevent odors and to make sure that you can keep them clean and fresh. Being able to clean your sandals is really key if your feet sweat too much all day long, and you will love how simple it is to keep these sandals clean and odor-free. You will love how comfortable and attractive this sandal is as well and benefit from its durable and well-crafted design made specifically for comfort.

If you want a hiking-style sandal that is water-resistant and easy to care for, this is the right sandal to buy. You will get water-repellent materials in the soft and durable upper, and the traction that is offered in the sole of this sandal is far superior to other products on the market in the same category. This is a really durable and well-made sandal that will resist odors, and that can be washed with ease.

You can easily adjust the heel strap and the flexible uppers to get the right fit, and the vented upper design will keep your feet from getting hot and uncomfortable as you are engaging in activities that require exertion. This is a crossover sandal that can handle rafting, water crossings, hiking, and more. You will also get the benefit of a soft and supportive EVA midsole that will never get wet due to the careful design that has been built into this sandal.

For a durable hiking sandal that can handle sweaty feet and wet conditions, this is a great choice to make. The materials of the upper and inner sole of this sandal are made to offer quick-dry technology, and they are also water-resistant. The inner lining of the upper is soft and wicking and will not hold onto odors, and the sole is rubberized and easy to clean. You will have no trouble doing all of your favorite activities in these sandals, and the vented upper will keep your feet cool but also support them correctly.

These sandals are also really easy to put on and take off, and you will get the advantage of a midsole that is meant to protect your feet from fatigue. This is a really good choice for your footwear needs if you tend to get blisters and rubs from other sandals. This is a really comfortable yet durable sandal that can handle sweaty feet without issue and that will never rub or pinch.

These sandals are simple in design and made to keep feet cool and comfortable. This is a durable sandal that will not require a lot of breaking in to make them comfortable. These sandals are made with soft and comfortable material, and the upper is lined with sports material that will wick moisture and keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. You will be able to readily adjust all the straps in this sandal for the perfect fit that you have been looking for, and the sole is well crafted to support your feet without wicking up moisture.

This is a great choice if you want a blend of simple sandal design and sports sandal technology, and they are good-looking sandals that can be used for other functions besides hiking and camping. You will love that this sandal is so durable as well and that it can be cleaned with ease to prevent odors. If you have struggled with leather uppers giving you blisters in the past, you can rest easy that this pair of sandals will not cause you discomfort due to fit issues.

If you have been struggling to find a pair of flip-flops that are actually comfortable, you need to check out these sandals. These are sports sandals without the enclosed upper, and you will get all the same benefits of an athletic sandal without the added weight and straps. This is one of the most comfortable sandals on the market today, and the shock-absorbing insole makes this sandal comfortable no matter what you are doing. You will love how water-friendly these flip-flops are and how easy they are to clean and care for.

Due to the durable and waterproof design of these sandals, you will never have to worry about odors or struggle to keep them clean and sanitary. They are made to offer up the right blend of arch support and heel-to-toe drop that you would find in any sports sandal, and you will love that you can stand, climb, hike, raft, or paddle in these sandals without issue. This is a great pair of sandals to choose from if you love a flip-flop but want so much more in the way of performance from your sandals.

This is a good choice if you have issues with flat feet or you have struggled to find the right arch support in your sandals. You will love how practical these flip flops are and how well-made they are. They are easy to clean and fully synthetic, so you will not have to worry about washing them or struggling with odors when you wear them every day. This is a really well-designed sandal that is made to give you heel support and toe support, and you will get the benefit of a really supple and supportive sole as well.

The interior of the sole on this sandal is made from supportive foam which is a great choice for soft and springy comfort without slippery or sloppy fit. There are so few sandals that can make walking and other activities like hiking comfortable at this level, but these sandals will take on the toughest jobs without complaint. You will love how cool and fresh your feet feel with these sandals on your side, and you will be able to wear them all day in total comfort.

Basic sandal designs can sometimes be lacking in support and offer up more places for friction and discomfort, but this pair of sandals will not rub your feet or make them feel hot and uncomfortable. This is a well-made pair of sandals that will take on all of the challenges of your sweaty feet without creating issues with your comfort.

If you can't choose between a sports sandal and a hiking sandal, you might want to pick this pair of sandals. This is a non-slip, durable, and comfortable sandal that gives you access to a soft and flexible sole as well as a tough and grippy exterior sole. You will also love that the uppers are lined with soft interior fabric that wicks sweat with ease. The back heel support is flexible and comfortable as well and will not hold onto moisture that can lead to blisters and odors.

This is a very durable design that will not impede your comfort with a stiff upper or a fully-enclosed toe box. Your feet will be able to breathe and be comfortable all day, and you will love that the upper and the heel strap are so adjustable. There are few sandals this comfortable to buy, and you will be able to keep them clean and odor-free with ease as well.

For a good and basic sandal that is made with durable canvas and supportive rubber and foam, this is a great choice. This is a simple flip-flop style sandal, but you will get a great durable wear experience from this pair of sandals, and they are also water-resistant. The sole is made by hand, which is a really nice benefit for comfort, and you will love the casual styling of this clever little sandal.

This is a good choice for more casual walking or for daily wear, and you can easily wash these sandals off to prevent odors. They also wick away moisture with ease so that our feet will not feel hot and sweaty all day. This is a simple thong but a really good choice for casual and comfortable sandals that will hold up to use on sweaty feet. The plush footbed is really comfortable and supportive, and this is a great choice for those with flat feet that have trouble finding comfortable thongs and hiking sandals.

Getting the Right Men's Sandals for Sweaty Feet is Easy

men's sandals for sweaty feet

If you have been struggling to get the right sandals for your sweaty feet, you are not alone. Many people have this trouble when they are looking for sandals that will not rub or hurt their feet due to sweat build-up. Picking sandals made with the right materials can make a big difference in your overall comfort, and you will have a better time preventing bad odors and other issues that can be related to sweaty feet.

Choosing from this list of sandals will help you to get the right shoes for your sweaty feet. You will not have to worry about your feet smelling bad or being uncomfortable, or having to throw out your sandals after a brief time. There is nothing worse than not being able to clean your sandals after you have worn them all day, which is why this feature is so important when choosing sandals for sweaty feet. When you are ready to find the right comfortable and supportive sandals that will protect your feet from discomfort, this guide will help you get the right products for your needs.

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