Best 17 Men’s Sports Sandals

Authored by Adam Sherman

Sports sandals can be the most comfortable solution for those who love hiking sandals but want a light and comfortable daily wear design for their sandal needs. There are so many kinds of men’s sandals out there, and it can be daunting to try and find the right sandals for daily use that can also take on tough tasks like hiking or playing sports. Sports sandals blend the right features and functions from flip-flops, hiking sandals, and tennis shoes to make a well-rounded shoe that will tackle any kind of task.

If you have been struggling to find the right sandals that are fashionable enough for going to the grocery store but also capable of being worn when you are camping, hiking, or paddleboarding, you need to get a pair of sports sandals. There are so many reasons that you will love outdoor sandals, including their lightweight design, their breathability, and their durability and supportive interior soles. If you want to enjoy the benefits of sneakers that are made like sandals, sporty athletic sandals will be a gamechanger for your needs.

If you are ready to find the most comfortable sports sandals that you have ever worn, you need to use this guide to make your shopping process much easier.

What Are Sports Sandals?

Sports sandals are made with various strap and sole designs, but they are always created with the intention of offering springy and cushioned sole support along with waterproof or water-resistant materials and durable straps. These sandals usually include a sole that looks like it was taken right off of a tennis shoe, and the closures that cross the top of your feet or enclose your heels are made with sports materials that wick sweat and provide flexible all-day comfort.

Most sports sandals are made with ergonomic soles that will cradle your feet and prevent issues with your gait as well as your balance, and they might also include design features that will funnel water away from the center of the sole so that your feet can be comfortable even when you are in the water or hiking on tough trails. Sports sandals are also typically good-looking footwear that can easily be used for a dinner out or for running errands.

The key difference between a beach sandal and a sports sandal is that the sports sandal is made to provide the kind of active and responsive support that a tennis shoe will give you. You can easily run and jump in these shoes, and they will provide the right kind of responsive design to keep your feet protected from shock and tough terrain. Furthermore, sports sandals are made to offer the function of a sneaker without the hot upper and the full structure of a fully enclosed shoe.

Can Men's Use Sports Sandals in Water?

Every sports sandal should be made to be water-resistant, but there are some designs that will offer you waterproof protection for your feet if you want to use them for kayaking, rafting, and in other wet environments. You can easily check the design and materials of the sandals that you are looking at to see if they are made with waterproof materials or water-resistant ones. The design of the footbed and sole will also help determine if the sandal can handle the water with ease.

Looking for sports sandals that can handle the water is really easy since almost all of the sports sandals that are on the market are made to take on this challenge. You might want to steer clear of sandals that offer a closed-toe design if you are worried about wet feet that get heavy or uncomfortable once you are out of the water. This is not always a good rule of thumb, however, because some partially-enclosed sandals are made to be entirely waterproof.

You will just need to check out the materials and manufacturer details for each sandal that you are thinking of buying if you are worried about using them in the water. Water shoes and other kinds of water-specific footwear usually are no good for your use when hiking or walking around out of the water, so sports sandals can be the perfect solution for those who are tired of bringing hiking sandals and water shoes on camping trips and other adventures.

Checking Men's Foot Size For Sports Sandals

Many of us actually do not know our exact foot size, which can make it tough to get the best fit for your sports sandals. You will need your sports sandals to be sized properly to prevent blisters, rubs, and other kinds of discomforts while you are being active. Making sure that you know your shoe size can make your experience with your sports sandals so much more enjoyable overall.

If you need to find out what size your feet are, you can actually measure them yourself at home using this simple process. You can also head to a sports clothing and shoe outlet and have someone professionally measure you there. Make sure that you find out if you have narrow feet or narrow heels, and find out what size arch you have in your foot as well. Knowing these details will help you to get the perfect sandals for your unique foot size and shape.

How We Rated These Men's Athletic Sandals?

When we were considering the best sports sandals, we looked at some key features while we were creating our ratings. Sports sandals need to be durable but also flexible and lightweight. You will want to be able to run, jump, hike, and more in your sports sandals. You probably also want to be sure that your feet will not be hot or sweaty.

When we were rating these sandals, we took these factors into consideration when rating the overall comfort of these designs. We also considered the cost of these options so that you could compare and contrast your purchase for your own unique budget. The comfort of your sandals is essential if you are looking into sports sandals, so we did not include any sandals on the list that would not be considered more comfortable than the usual pair of sandals.

Most of these sandals are offered in a full range of sizes so that you can find the right fit with ease. Some of these sandals even come in wide sizes, which is a great option for those with flat feet or wide feet. When there were more sizing options to be had, this impacted the overall comfort rating for specific sandal designs. The more options that you have to find the perfect fit, the more likely you are to get the sports sandals that you have always been looking for.

You can trust our ratings to be on point and our comparisons to be fair. We know that you are looking for performance and comfort above everything else when you are shopping for sports sandals, and these are the key factors that were used for the overall ratings.

Best Sports Sandals For Men

Looking for sports sandals can be confusing. There are so many designs and there are so many brands that make sports sandals. This can make it tough to make a choice that you feel good about. This is why we decided to gather this list of sandals that will take on all the tough adventures that you can come up with while looking great and remaining comfortable even if you are wearing them all day long. Sports sandals have to perform well and we have made sure that performance and comfort are at the top of our list of things that we considered when comparing sandals.

This sandal comes in many different colors, and the simple strap design is a big hit with those who get tired just thinking about opening and closing a lot of different straps each time they put on their sandals. You will also have no trouble getting this Teva product in your size if you have big feet. The straps on this sandal are made with durable, waterproof materials that are lined with soft sports fabric that will wick sweat and moisture. The straps are also water-ready and dry very fast to protect your feet from discomfort.

The EVA foam footbed offers cushioned and responsive support for your activities such as hiking, climbing, and rafting. Many people use these sandals both for hiking and for water activities and they are attractive enough to be used for going out to dinner and other events.

The soft and comfortable sole design is backed up by a supple and protective heel strap that will keep your feet from sliding around and prevent fit issues that can lead to blisters. Don’t let this basic sandal design fool you. You will get a lot of really well-thought-out features from this pair of sandals for a great price.

This is another great sandal to choose from if you love a minimal design but want sports sandal comfort. This sandal comes in a full range of sizes and it offers lightweight materials that will not weigh your feet down as you hike, paddleboard, and run. The rubber outer sole is balanced with a soft and ergonomically-shaped interior sole design. The jacquard webbing straps will wrap gently around your feet and prevent them from slipping and sliding around as you are engaged in activities.

These sandals will feel like they were made just for you right out of the box and you will love that the strap adjustments are so simple and straightforward. If you are looking for a partially-enclosed sandal or a sports sandal with more straps, this is not the right choice for your needs. However, if you love a simple and straightforward design that will take care of your needs when you are camping, hiking, or even shopping, this is the right choice to make.

Zcloud shoes are made to be super comfortable and supportive, and your feet will love you for picking these sandals if you are going to be on your feet all day long or very active.

These outdoor sandals are a great choice if you love a shoe under your feet when you are hiking or enjoying outdoor adventures. The sneaker-style sole on this sandal is superior to many other options on the market in this category. You will find that the grippy outer sole is perfect for hiking over rough terrain, and the ergonomic interior sole will not only mold to your foot comfortably, but it will also shed water when you are navigating the water.

The quick-release lace system is easy to adjust and makes these sandals easy to slip on and off. The soft and comfortable heel strap will not rub your feet and can be adjusted with ease at the front of the sandal. The Velcro is flexible and soft as well so that you will not have to wait for your sandals to break in over time. These sandals will feel like they were made just for you right out of the box which is a key benefit of this choice.

The 3-layer design of the straps and upper on this sandal will keep your feet perfectly comfortable all day long, no matter what kinds of activities you are engaged in. The toe cap is also made to be durable and provides added protection for your toes. This is a well-rounded sandal with lots of great benefits that will make your favorite activities comfortable all day, every day.

This is another really nice crossover sports sandal that blends a lot of nice features of an athletic shoe with sandal comfort. Your feet will still stay cool despite the partially enclosed upper and you will love the soft and cushioned EVA insole that will keep your feet safe and secure no matter what you are up to each day. The synthetic rubber toe cap will keep your toes from being pressed on when you are climbing over rough terrain. The fully-enclosed toe cap can be a big help for providing your toes with some space as you run or engage in other activities.

This sandal is still lightweight despite the partially-enclosed upper and you will love that the front adjustment is so easy to use. You can simply adjust with the elastic drawstring and these sandals slip on and off with ease. The multi-directional rubber outsole helps you to keep your footing even on wet terrain.

This sandal comes in a full range of sizes and offers lots of color choices as well. This is a very practical and comfortable sandal that will handle all kinds of different activities with ease. You will get the best features from all of your favorite shoes and sandals when you pick this product and they will quickly before your favorite pair of sports sandals.

If you have wide feet, these are the right sandals for your needs. They come in a full range of all the usual sizes but you can also get wide sizes through size fourteen. Skechers is known for their comfortable footwear and this pair of sandals is no different. You will love the smooth and durable interior sole that will shed water, and it is made with just enough texture to help your feet to stay secure no matter what activities you are engaged in. The memory foam footbed offers 360 comfort padded lining and the actual sole components are handmade for superior fit.

The soft upper is waterproof and durable and the interior side of the straps is lined with wicking material that will keep your feet comfortable no matter what. This design offers two durable and well-designed straps that will close securely without pinching or rubbing, and you can also adjust the back of the heel strap to keep your feet stable and secure as you hike, kayak, or play sports.

There are few sandals on the market that offer this much shock absorption power and you will also benefit from the flexible nature of the durable outer sole. This is a sandal that looks nice enough to wear to dinner, but which can be counted upon to help you to enjoy all of your favorite activities without issues.

If you love leather sandals but don’t want to have to break in your sandals the hard way or struggle to be comfortable until your sandals have been used enough, these sandals are for you! These are open-toe sandals but they offer a really supportive interior sole that is ergonomic and will not let your feet slip around. The air cushion off-road sole is comfortable and reduces vibration by up to 50% more than other shoes and sandals.

The straps on this sandal are easy to adjust, and they offer hook and closure straps that are simple to work and that will not pinch your feet. The heel adjustments are also excellent and provide superior comfort. This sandal is made with water-resistant materials but is never stiff and rigid like some water-shedding materials can be.

This is a very practical sandal that offers excellent support and comfort without looking too much like an off-road sandal. The styling of this sandal is also perfect for those who love leather sandals but don’t want to have to deal with the care of regular leather products.

For a stripped-down sandal style that is also really effective at providing support, there is no better choice than this Chaco sandal. You will also be able to get this sandal in wide for most of the sizes which can be great if you have wide or flat feet. The strap design on this sandal is really comfortable since the straps are so light and slim. You will never have to deal with friction and rubs when you choose these sandals for your various daily activities and they will feel comfortable and form-fitting right out of the box.

The adjustment on this sandal is really simple as you simply adjust the one buckle at the front of the foot. The heel strap is the same style and it is a great option if you don’t want to have a heavier strap around the back of your foot and want the same low-profile design as on the top of your foot. This is a great sandal for the protection of your arches and the molded and waterproof sole is grippy and effective at keeping your feet in place without giving you blisters.

If you are looking for a very lightweight sandal that will still support your feet and offer you superior performance for hiking, running, or climbing, these are the right sandals for you to select.

Fisherman sandals are always made to handle tough and wet conditions while also providing superior grip. You will love the strong and wide-webbed strap that will not slip around on your feet and their custom adjustments make it easy to slip these shoes on and off as needed. The sole technology in this sandal is made to offer you fatigue-relieving support, and you will get strong arch support that helps promote balance and relaxation of the feet.

This entire sandal is made to be waterproof and it is treated to repel bacteria growth and bad smells. You can wash these sandals off with a hose and put them right back on, or cross through deep water and they will shed moisture so that you can get back to your other activities with ease. The shockproof sole will not absorb unwanted water either which makes it possible for these sandals to last for the long haul.

While simple, this sandal is attractive and it will look great with jeans or shorts. This sandal also comes in a full range of sizes that run true to standard shoe sizes. You will love that you can wear these sandals on the beach, in the water, or on a hike and get the same great results from them.

Teva is one of the most trusted brands in outdoor sandals of all kinds, and the Langdon sandal is one of their nicest sports-style sandals. This sandal comes with an EVA midsole that will take the shock out of your steps, and the interior footbed molding will protect your feet from slipping around inside the sandal. This is an ergonomic sandal that offers superior support for your heel as well as the ball of your foot and the mid-sole arch support works perfectly for all kinds of foot shapes.

The thick and durable straps on the top of the sandal are still flexible and they will keep your foot secure at all times. They shed water and the interior lining is made to wick moisture and prevent pinching. The hook and loop closures on the heel and top of foot straps are very well-made, and they lie flat so that the straps will not get caught in anything as you are hiking or running.

This is a very breathable and comfortable sandal that is still highly durable and made to handle the toughest of jobs without issue. Enjoy a secure grippy sole, a quality ergonomic design, and the full range of standard sizes when you choose this sports sandal.

If you are really attached to flip-flop styling, you have probably realized that you will struggle to find sandals that can take on tough activities like hiking. Your flip-flops probably won’t stay on when you are running either. This is not true of Reef sandal products, however. Flip-flops are a really great casual sandal choice but they are not often a good sports sandal choice because they are not secure enough to stay on when you are running or engaging in sports. However, there are some flip-flops that have been made to provide all the functionality of a sports sandal while offering the simplicity of a flip-flop.

If you are not willing to go away from the classic flip-flop sandal design, you don’t have to when you choose this sandal style. You will get a waterproof sandal with an anatomical design that will perfectly support your feet no matter what you are up to. The footbed is made to offer shock absorption and to glove to the bottom of your feet so that you will not walk right out of your flip-flops when you are climbing or stepping up and down over rough terrain.

The midsole of this sandal is EVA foam and the heel includes an airbag support that will protect your heel and provide stability. This unique design offers up the support of a more enclosed upper without the need for all this extra material. You will love that this sandal is so comfortable and lightweight while still being as effective at its job as the partially-enclosed sandals on this list.

While Birkenstocks are simple and are not made with sneaker soles, they are still effective at providing durable and supportive comfort for your feet. You can trust these Birkenstock sandals to hold up to crossing tough terrain and the well-designed and supportive footbed will hold your foot in place without causing rubs or blisters. These are sandals that you can easily slip on and off which is an added benefit of their design.

While these sandals are 100% leather, they are treated to shed water and they are made to handle the toughest of terrain. This is not a shape of sandal that is for everyone but you will find that there are many people with wide feet or flat feet who are the most comfortable in these sandals. The molded cork footbed is ultra-comfortable and it will not hold onto moisture or other debris.

You probably will not be able to use these sandals for water sports, but they will work well for all other active kinds of tasks. This is the classic outdoor hiking and sports sandal and the original design is still a great choice for your outdoor adventure comfort. Birkenstocks are a classic choice and one that will serve you well. Your Birkenstocks will last for years and they will feel as great and comfortable each time you wear them as they did in the beginning.

Dockers make very nice sandals overall, and this fisherman sandal is their waterproof sports sandal. This sandal comes in regular sizing as well as wide sizes and the rubber sole is made to offer a strong grip on all kinds of tough terrain. You will get a soft and supportive memory foam sole in this sandal as well and the synthetic upper sheds water with ease. The straps are secured with quality Velcro and lined with wicking sports fabric for added comfort on hot days.

The flexible construction of this sandal is made to keep your feet from feeling restricted or lacking in grip when you are navigating uneven surfaces or running and jumping. The distressed leather appearance of this sandal is really attractive and they are made to look great at work or on the hiking trail. There are few sandals in this category that are this lightweight with such a durable sole attached.

Synthetic sandals can sometimes be cheap but this is not the case with the Dockers version. When you choose this sandal for your outdoor adventures, you will get a well-crafted and durable sandal that will fit like a glove right out of the box. Synthetic materials can hold up to lots of use and they are great at shedding water and are easy to clean up. Synthetic sandals can be a great choice if you love a really lightweight sandal that will hold up to tough challenges.

Crocs might not be the first sandal that you think of when you are looking for a sports sandal, but this is a great choice to make for your active sandal needs. Crocs are ultra-comfortable and this water sandal version of their classic footwear design is no different. Water-friendly sandals might be your main concern, and this is a great choice if you are looking for sandals that can handle the water with ease.

The soft and partially-enclosed upper of this sandal is easy to adjust and allows you to easily put this sandal on and slip it off. This sandal breaks the mold of the classic water sandal which cannot be worn on the trail or used for daily wear. The sturdy and flexible sole of this sandal offers superior grip on tough terrain and slippery rocks and the interior design prevents pinching and discomfort even when your feet are wet.

If you have always loved water sandals but hated that it cannot be worn once you are done paddle boarding or kayaking, these sandals will handle both demands without issue. You will get all the best parts of a water sandal combined with the sturdy comfort of a hiking sandal when you pick this sandal for yourself. Water sandals are really handy in the water but they can be very limited in their performance when you try to walk around in them for an extended period of time. You can avoid this common issue by picking this Croc sandal that offers the benefits of each kind of shoe.

For a sports sandal that offers a secure upper, you will want to pick this Teva product. You will love the accuracy and adjustability of the upper on this pair of sandals, and the fully-enclosed heel enclosure will keep your foot secure no matter what you are doing. This is a great choice for narrow heels or narrow feet since the fully-enclosed heel support will lock your foot into place reliably.

If you have been looking for a sandal that feels a lot like a sneaker, this is the right product for your needs. The buckle closure on the top of the sandal will wrap your foot in comfort and the breathable nature of the mesh upper along with the water-resistant fabric will keep your feet from staying wet or getting hot and sweaty.

This is a great choice if you have been looking for a supportive EVA midsole as well as a knobby and durable outer sole. You will get the best of all kinds of styling options with this sandal, and your feet will thank you for the added support and comfort that these sandals will offer them. If you are going to be hiking, fishing, rafting, or even camping, this is the right pair of sandals for a durable and comfortable experience each time you put them on.

If you would rather have hot and sweaty feet all day when you are hiking than part with your favorite sneaker, you will love this compromise for your all-day comfort. Nike knows how to make a performance shoe and they offer the same kind of quality in their sandal products as well. This performance sandal offers a highly supportive sole and the interior design of the sole will protect your feet from friction while also offering up a big arch support for added ergonomic design.

The straps on this sandal are made to fit like a glove and they are made from wicking sports fabric secured by a simple strap. This provides gentle support and offers comfortable and cool security if you have narrow feet or narrow heels. The heel strap is made to be wide enough to offer superior comfort and the unique strap style will never slip or slide.

Nike sandals are really attractive, and they are made to last. You can get this sandal in a wide range of sizes and they run true to size. This is a great sandal option for people who are in love with the features and benefits of sneakers. You will not have to give up any of them when you pick this sports sandal. Nike products are made to last and you can be comfortable walking around at the mall, hiking, or even going for a jog in these sandals.

Columbia makes all kinds of outdoor items and these sports sandals blend the right features of a hiking sandal with the benefits of a sports shoe. The rubberized sole offers lots of grip and the arch support will keep your foot level and secure no matter what activities you are engaged in. Columbia has put advanced technology behind the suede leather upper so that it will shed water, yet be soft and supportive when you are being active.

The straps are easy to Velcro and adjust and the soft and stretchy heel support will not make your foot feel like it is sliding around. The interior sole design is highly supported and the footbed is made to be flexible and yet durable. The cushioned materials that are in the middle of the sole will not absorb water or sweat which controls sweat and the longevity of the sandal as well. This sandal comes in a full range of sizes but is limited on color options. This is a practical sandal that is well-made and that will look great with jeans, shorts, and more.

If you have been looking for a leather-like sandal that is ultra-comfortable and that will stay secure on your feet all day long, this is the sandal for you. You will love the styling and the quality of the materials as well as the sports functionality that is included in the design. This is a great blend of hiking sandal design and sports sandal comfort that will hold up to lots of wear and tear.

For a sandal that offers an enclosed toe without the constriction of a fully-enclosed shoe, you will want to take a look at this sports sandal. The sole on this sandal feels like it came right off of your favorite running shoes. The rubberized bottom of the shoe is made for superior support and the interior design channels water and moisture away from the sole of your foot. If you have to be in and out of the water, your feet will feel comfortable and secure all day due to this solid design.

The upper on this sandal is really durable and holds its shape with ease. You will be able to adjust the upper and the heel enclosure with quality straps that are made with hook and loop closures. The nubuck upper is really durable and breathable at the same time and the design of this sandal is made to prevent odor or trapped moisture from breaking down the sandal and making it wear out quickly.

If you have narrow feet or really high arches, you will be comfortable in this sandal all day long. The blend of open sandal design and secure upper makes for a comfortable daily experience that will not lead to sore feet, blisters, or other common issues related to sports and hiking sandals. This is a great choice for those who have had trouble with sandals that don’t stay secure on their feet but who still want to be comfortable all day when the weather is hot.

Picking the Right Sports Sandal For Men Can be Easy

If you have been struggling with finding the right sports sandal for your adventures and your daily wear needs, you will love all of these sandals. You can find everything from narrow sandals to sandals that are perfect for wide feet when you use our guide to shop. Sports sandals offer the benefits of hiking sandals without the weight and thick sole. You will be able to enjoy waterproof and water-resistant durability from these sandals as well as all-day comfort that will not let you down when you need it most. Sports sandals offer all the right features and functions for various kinds of purposes and you can easily wear your sports sandals to the store, to the beach, or while you are whitewater rafting.

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