The Best Sandals For Arthritic Feet

Picking the best sandals for your feet can be a tall order, even if you do not have any foot health challenges. However, if you are faced with arthritis-related foot pain, you might find that getting the right sandals for your needs can be very hard. Arthritic feet need different care and support than feet that do not have arthritis. You always look for shoes that fit your needs and fit properly.

If you have thought that you will never be able to find sandals that will fit your needs again, you are in luck! There are actually sandals that are made for this kind of health need and you can invest in the right sandals that will take care of your feet every time you wear them. Picking the right sandals for your arthritis-related needs is easier than you think when you know what to look for.

If you are ready to learn more about finding the best sandals for arthritic feet, read on!

Reasons You Might Need Sandals for Arthritic Feet

It’s Not Just Your Feet

Arthritis is not always confined to just one body part and if you have arthritic feet, you may have arthritis (or joint inflammation) in your knees, back, and other joints in your body. Being able to provide the right kind of support for your body’s needs matters and your footwear has a lot to do with the comfort of your entire body. It does not matter if you have wear-and-tear arthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis, you need to be sure that you support your body’s needs and the best place to start is by supporting your feet.

Arthritis Inflammation Can be Tough to Manage

Unlike some other kinds of pain that can be toughed out or ignored as the day goes on, arthritis pain is often cumulative. You will find that once you have made a joint inflamed, it can take weeks to calm down again. This makes it really important to get the right sandals for your feet if you are struggling with arthritis. There is no exchange for staying on top of your arthritis pain and making good footwear choices can help a lot toward this goal.

Foot Pain Can Limit Your Activities

If you are dealing with foot pain, you might find that you will not be able to do many of the things that you love. If your arthritis pain is bad enough you might not even be able to walk across the room without pain. Foot pain can be debilitating and there is no reason to struggle with arthritis pain that is made worse by wearing the wrong shoes. Foot pain is often quite manageable if you are wearing the right shoes for your needs.

Back Pain Can Be Linked to Foot Arthritis

Back Pain Can Be Linked to Foot Arthritis

Even if you are trying to stay off of your feet when your arthritis has flared up, you might find that the accompanying back pain that your feet have caused is tough to get rid of. You might not even be comfortable sitting down or laying down. Back pain can make your life very uncomfortable on a daily basis and it is often well worth caring for your feet properly just to avoid back pain.

Your Balance Might Be Affected

If your arthritis pain has gotten quite bad, your balance might be off due to this challenge. You will find that your feet have a lot more to do with your overall balance than you thought and it is not uncommon for people with painfully foot arthritis to fall down or have trouble navigating uneven terrain. If you want to be sure that you will not have a risk of falling due to your foot pain, you should invest in the right shoes to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Symptoms of Needing Sandals for Arthritic Feet

If you have been wondering if your foot arthritis is being made worse by your footwear, here are some symptoms that should be red flags for footwear-related issues that a good pair of sandals can help you to avoid. You should never ignore the pain that grows worse as you are wearing a shoe, either. A sandal or shoe that fits well will not cause your pain to increase throughout the day.

Stiff Feet in the Morning

While it can be normal to have some stiffness in your joints in the morning, stiffness that does not go away right off once you are moving around can be a sign that you might have inflamed arthritis in your feet or the first steps toward arthritic changes that might lead to pain.

You should make sure that you take this warning sign seriously if you have arthritis in your feet that you are trying to manage. Your shoes might be the reason for your stiffness and you should also consider that the stiffness that you are feeling reflects fatigue that your feet are experiencing that can be treated with the right sandals for your arthritis needs.

Soreness That Does Not Go Away

Whether you are just learning that you might have arthritis or you are managing existing arthritis, you will find that pain that does not improve with some movement is a major red flag that your shoes are causing your foot pain. You might find that it takes some trial and error to find the perfect sandals for your arthritis pain management, but soreness that lasts all day should not be ignored.

Feet Changing Shape

While feet do change shape some as we age, you should not ignore signs of arthritic changes like large bulges or lumps on your feet, or a noticeable abrupt change in the shape of your toes or the soles of your feet. Arthritis can remodel your feet and make them far less healthy and you should always take it very seriously if you see that your feet are changing shape.

Clumsy-Feeling Feet

Arthritis can really limit your range of motion and it can make your feet feel heavy or clumsy when you are walking or running. If you are wearing the wrong footwear on top of struggling with arthritis pain, you might find that you are working against yourself and challenging your balance in ways that you should not. This kind of pairing of arthritic feet with shoes that do not fit right or support your arthritis care needs can lead to falls, injuries, or back and leg pain.

The Best Sandals for Arthritic Feet

The Best Sandals for Arthritic Feet

If you are ready to find out which sandals are the best for your arthritic feet, it is time to read on. Always remember to get your feet professionally sized if you think that they might have changed shape or size significantly since you found out that you have arthritis. There is no way to get the right sandals for your needs if you do not make sure that you know what size your feet currently are.

Heading to a professional for sizing will also tell you if your heels have changed shape and if your arch support needs have changed as well. You should really know about all of the sizing needs of your feet now that you have arthritis to make sure that you are getting the right sandals in every way.

You should always make sure that you consider potential issues like toes that are crossing over and changes to your ability to put even pressure on your feet as well. If your feet no longer spread, they might need a shoe that is smaller than what you used to buy and if your toes are not willing to lay alongside one another anymore, you will need to consider this factor as you are shopping for the right sandals for your needs.

Things That You Need to Look For in a Sandal for Arthritic Feet

Deep Heel Cup

The heel cup should be in the 10-12 mm range or more. You might not need this much support if your arthritis is mild, but any heel slip can lead to curling your toes, which can increase your discomfort. Most of the pain that you will feel in your feet when you have arthritis will be centered around your toes and the balls of your feet. Heel slide will bring added pressure onto the front of your feet that can be avoided.

Firm Arch Support

Unless your feet are very flat, arch support matters a lot to the process of supporting arthritic feet. Feet with arthritis do not flex as much as they used to, or flexion can be very painful to them. Good arch support in your sandal will prevent your feet from hurting because they are flexing and bending far too much. Arch support matters for all feet, but it can be particularly appropriate for those with sore feet that have arthritic joints.

Stable Sole

A stable and slightly firm sole can help a lot toward keeping arthritic feet comfortable when you are standing or walking. You might be inclined to think of arthritic support shoes as needing to be very soft, but this will likely not help your foot to be stable enough for true comfort. A stable sole will make your foot feel more secure and there will be less chance of your feet flexing too much and hurting.

Easy to Adjust Straps

It can be hard to slide your feet into sandals if your toes have grown stiff or your overall ability to flex your feet is reduced. Make sure that you look for sandals that will allow you to get them on easily and also make sure that you will not have to struggle to fit the straps in a comfortable way to your feet. There is nothing worse than not being able to slide your feet into your sandals because they are hurting you and you should make sure that the adjustments on your sandals can handle some changes as you need them.

Soft Heel Support

Your heel support on your arthritis sandal is very important for your overall comfort and you should make sure that the heel support is soft enough to take care of your comfort and support needs. You do not want to have firm heel support that helps your toes but rubs your heels. Make sure that the heel support that is built into your sandal is soft and flexible or you will likely find that you will get rubs and chafing throughout the day.

Comfortable Toe Box

Arthritis can affect the shape of your feet and make your toes fight with each other for space. Make sure that the sandal that you pick offers you the right amount of space for your toes. If you are in the position that a thong-style sandal is no longer an option, do not feel like you have to force yourself to wear one! You can find the right toe box shape for your needs if you make sure to consider how readily you can get sandals on and off and what kind of space your toes actually really need inside your sandals.

This sandal offers revolutionary EVA midsole support that is soft and supple and will keep your feet perfectly in place within your sandals. You will love the ergonomic outsole that will not twist or stress your foot when you are walking or standing. The arch support in this sports sandal is quite supportive and will not fatigue your feet.

The straps are easy to adjust and very soft, making this a comfortable sandal for all kinds of uses and wear. You will love the light and gentle presence of this sport sandal on your feet and the many ways that you can adjust the fit to your unique needs will make sure that you never have to struggle to get the right fit.

2. Propet Women’s W0089 Pedic Walker

sandals for feet with arthritis

These practical and supportive sandals will hold your heel in place without pain and you can wear these all day long with no trouble. The wide and open toe box will allow room for toes that are slightly crooked due to arthritis as well as making it easy to custom fit your needs for the front of the sandal with ease.

You will love the simple and easy-to-use Velcro strap arrangement as well as the practical and durable sole. This is a great sandal for all kinds of uses and you will find that it is just as comfortable standing as it is walking. The durable leather holds up well to the challenges of daily wear and these sandals are great for daily wear with any kind of clothing.

This is a great sandal that offers a very flexible and supportive sole as well as great neutral arch support. The footbed will feel like it was made to fit your feet alone and you will love the soft and supple heel enclosure that supports a solid and comfortable fit.

Your heel will never slide around in these sandals and the soft and supple straps are easy to adjust. You will be able to slide even the stiffest feet into these sandals easily and the smooth heel support design will make sure that you will never struggle with comfort even if your feet are having a tough day. This is a great sandal that is made for all kinds of uses and you will be able to walk, run, hike, or head to dinner in this great sandal.

4. Clarks Women’s Arla Shaylie

sandals great for foot arthritis

This cute and hip-looking sandal has a solid platform sole design that makes for comfortable even pressure on your feet. They are easy to slip on and the soft heel adjustment will make sure that your foot does not slide around when you are walking or hiking. The durable sole is supple and flexes with your foot and the soft straps will not pinch or slide around.

The cushion-soft technology in the soles of this sandal is made for long-term wear and you will be comfortable standing, sitting, and even golfing or hiking in these sandals. These are also such a cute pair of sandals that you can wear them out to dinner too.

This is a great minimal sandal for those who hate to have to deal with a lot of straps and adjustments. You will be able to make these fit to your feet right away out of the box and the simple toe strap design will not put pressure on sensitive joints or rub and twist. This is a great sandal that can be adjusted to all kinds of fit needs and the soft EVA midsole will cup your feet and keep them secure all day.

You will love the easy heel adjustment that can be made to work for all kinds of needs and the open toe box will give you room for toes that might not want to get along in some kinds of shoes. No pinching, shifting, or slipping when you are wearing these sandals! Best of all, they are very attractive and can be used for fun nights out on the town as well as for activities outdoors.

6. Dr. Comfort Breeze

This is a great fully-enclosed sandal that offers the right balance of shoe technology and sandal comfort. You will love the gel plus insole that cradles your feet and prevents chafing and fit issues. This shoe is easy to fit and comes in many sizes and combinations of features to help you to get a custom fit for your unique needs.

You will have great luck if you have bunions or other foot shape issues related to advanced arthritis when you are wearing these sandals. They are comfortable and beautiful and will look the part no matter where you take them. Made of high-quality leather, these sandals are durable enough for all kinds of wear and you will find that they will only grow more comfortable over time.


This is a great lightweight sandal that will cradle every inch of your foot and make sure that it feels like it is floating on a cloud. This is a great sandal that has amazing styling that cannot be found in many sandals that cater to challenging foot needs. The straps are made to adjust in many ways to keep your feet comfortable and happy no matter what activities you are engaged in.


You will love the ergonomic outsole that breaks in right away and the soft EVA midsole is made of supportive foam that takes care of your feet no matter how sore they are. You will find that the ankle adjustment is particularly good in this sandal and your feet will only feel better the longer that you wear them. There is no exchange for the comfort of a sandal that fits perfectly right out of the box and these sandals will take care of your needs in just this way.

shoes best for foot arthritis

This is a great sandal that is very simple and made for outdoor comfort in particular. You will love the durable and waterproof nature of this sandal as well as the simple and basic adjustments. This is a great choice if you need to be able to slip sandals on and off and your foot cannot tolerate a lot of straps or other pressure over the top of it. You will enjoy simple adjustments and a comfortable fit right out of the box with this sandal.

This is another sandal that has EVA midsole support, but it is aimed more at a flatter foot and less need for heel support. This is a great casual sandal and can really help if most of your foot pain from your arthritis is in your toes or the balls of your feet. This is basically a much more supportive flip-flop and it can fit the needs of many people who want a very simple sandal that will not require much adjustment to wear every day.


This is a really comfortable sport sandal that offers great lateral support and an awesome heel comfort design that will make them easy to slide on and easy to fit for your needs. You will have room for your toes and the EVA midsole is very durable and soft on your feet. This is another sandal that offers great arch support and the soft straps compliment this part of the fit so that you will not struggle with pinching or other discomforts.



The ankle fit is really important to this sandal as you can be sure that you will not struggle with your foot slipping or sliding around inside the footbed. This can be hard to accomplish with the open-toe box design but you can get the best of both worlds with this sandal that takes care of all of your needs. You will love that these sandals are so cute and lightweight as well. There are not many sandals in this category that will offer you such cute styling along with such durable materials that are easy to customize for your use.

Sandal Reviews Best For

The Cortana

“I have arthritis and have a hard time finding a sandal that’s comfortable. These are amazing.”

High arches

Propet Women’s W0089

“When I got home, I actually forgot to take my shoes off! That doesn’t happen with most shoes.”

Wide Feet

Sloane Outdoor Sandal

“These fit beautifully once I adjusted them to my feet.”

Easy to Fit

Clark’s Arla Shaylie

“My foot didn’t get tired all day as the sole is very cushioned and soft.”

Cute sandals

Samara Sandal

“Comfortable with arch support so long walks are not a problem.”

Simple Straps

Dr. Comfort Breeze

“Offers more support than most sandals.”

Tough-to-fit feet


“Insanely comfy and pretty darn cute too.”

Simple design

Napali Sport Sandal

“So good my wife asked for another pair.”

Great Heel Support

Picking the Right Sandals for Arthritic Feet Does Not Have to be Hard

Picking the Right Sandals for Arthritic Feet

If you know for sure what size your feet are, you will have a much better chance of finding the perfect arthritis sandal for your needs. No matter what size your feet have become over the course of the arthritic changes that they are experiencing, you can find the right sandals for your needs. Making sure that you consider all-day comfort and practical adjustments for straps and heel support will allow you to find the perfect sandals for your needs.

You will never have to wonder if you have the right sandals for your arthritic feet when you use this guide to help you to shop. Good strap arrangement and proper sole design are paramount for your overall needs for sandal fit and comfort. With this list on your side, you will be able to find the perfect sandals for your arthritis support needs.

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