Top 11 Cute Sandals for Wide Feet


So you have wide feet. Many of us have been there. You see the cutest shoes on the rack, but when you try to squeeze your foot in… well, you know the drill. Finding cute sandals for wide feet can sometimes feel harder than finding that proverbial needle in the haystack.

But it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we’ll examine the causes, anatomy, and consequences of wide feet. What’s more, we’ll provide an in-depth look at some of the cutest sandals on the market right now for wide feet.

If you’re ready to up your style with a pair of sandals that’s designed with you in mind, keep reading to find out more about wide feet and the sandals that are best for them!

What Exactly Is a Wide Foot?


So what constitutes a “wide” foot? The answer is more scientific than you may think. As depicted in the graphic above, there are multiple width and size classifications for feet. These categories are taken into consideration by both shoemakers and sellers, meaning it’s important that you, too, understand the distinctions and how they impact your footwear selections.

Your feet can start as small as a “AA” size, which means your foot is more like the foot on the right (pictured above) at 3 ¼”. At their widest, feet can range up to what they call a EEEE or 4E. This means your foot can be as wide as almost 5” (4 and 11/16”, to be specific). It’s imperative that you actually get this measured so you know what type of shoes will provide you with the most comfort. The Insole Store actually provides their customers with a whole chart that converts shoes sizes into inches and centimeters for your ultimate fit found here. Check it out after your next sizing to determine what’s best for you!

Had your foot measured before? Get it remeasured, anyway! As we’ll see later in this guide, you’re not guaranteed a single foot size throughout your life. For this reason, it’s important you stay up-to-date on the size of your foot.

Want to see how to measure the size of your feet? Check out the attached useful video.


Causes of Wide Feet

What exactly, you might be asking, causes wide feet? If you’re like some of us, you may remember a time when your feet weren’t wide at all. Yet again, you may always have had to search for larger-size shoes. In reality, there are a number of causes for wide feet, so it’s important to look at them one-by-one to get a better understanding of the issue.

  • Footwear

As strange as it may sound, our feet are actually molded by the type of footwear we choose to don. This means that individuals who wear sneakers or other looser-fitting shoes tend to have wider feet than individuals who’ve worn high heels from an early age. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule, of course, as genetics does play a role in foot shaping.

Still, shoes play a powerful role in shaping the way our feet look. Take a look at the graphic below to get a better idea.


As you can see, your foot would be at its widest state if you didn’t wear shoes at all. This means that any type of footwear is likely to alter (and narrow) the shape of your foot. If you have wide feet, then, it may simply be because you opted for looser-fitting shoes instead of daintier options such as high heels or tight boots.


Footwear isn’t the only influencer of foot shape, however. Pregnancy also serves to widen the feet, as hormones in the body cause structural changes to accommodate for the growing baby.

You may have noticed this during your own pregnancy and shouldn’t be alarmed if your feet are still wider than before—it’s perfectly natural. As we’ll see later in this guide, there are a number of terrifically-cute sandal options out there that are perfect for women post-pregnancy!

  • Genetics

If you can’t remember a time when your feet weren’t wide, it’s likely that you were born that way. Call it luck of the draw, but some of us are gifted with a few more square inches of matter down at the extremes. This is especially true if you have flat feet, which are commonly linked to wider feet due to the evening out of natural foot arches.

As mentioned in the chart, overly-tight shoes can also be a cause of wide feet. For those born with wider-than-average feet, this means it’s not a good idea to try and squish your feet into narrow shoes that don’t really fit. We get it—footwear does play a role in the shape of your feet, but in all likelihood, you’ll only end up with feet that are more inflamed and larger than before.

For this reason, we highly recommend you continue reading and check out the incredible pretty sandals for wide feet covered below!

If you have flat feet, especially, you’ll want to know what options are out there for you. We’ve encountered this problem with many of our customers, but it’s not the end of the world! The most important thing here is that you find a proper insole that can decrease, and prevent, foot and back pain. You’d be surprised at how much the two are interrelated. Find a great insole that has a standard amount of arch support, and can ensure that your foot is getting the orthotic love they deserve. You may feel perfectly comfortable in flat shoes, but they aren’t great for you. For example, you can try our Arenal Wedge Flip Flop, that has an added foam insole that hugs your foot for cloud-like comfort.

Tips for Those with Wide Feet

Understanding the cause of your wide feet is simply the first step. Understandably, you’ll want to know how to manage them, as well. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you live better (and much more comfortably) with your wide feet.


We cannot recommend this checklist highly enough. If you’re like most of us, it’s likely that you’ve made at least a few of these mistakes at some point in your life. Unfortunately, this information isn’t widely disseminated, even at popular foot retailers. This means that those with wide feet are often fighting a lonely battle.

In light of this, we’ve selected a few of the major points from the chart above to give you a helping hand:

Measure Your Foot Throughout Your Life


We’ve touched on this briefly, but it’s worth stressing again. The shape of your foot changes throughout your lifetime—especially for women. This means that you want to get your foot measured every few years so that you are getting a shoe that’s comfortable and supports your weight properly. This can work miracles for your foot health, helping to minimize pain and reduce inflammation.

  • Don’t Size Up to Compensate for Width

Many of us believe that we’ll be alright if we just buy a bigger shoe. Unfortunately, the size printed on your shoe label refers primarily to length. This means that you aren’t necessarily getting a shoe that’s designed for your particular width, but you are definitely getting a shoe that’s uncomfortable length-wise. In other words, you could be hurting yourself without knowing it.

  • Buy for Your Larger Foot

We get it—no one likes admitting they have large feet. Still, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by buying for the larger of your two feet. If you notice your feet aren’t exactly symmetrical, make sure you don’t try to buy down to the smaller size, as this could cause foot pain and lead to inflammation.

What Sandals Are Right for You?

Understanding the difficulties that come with wide feet, we set out in search of cute sandals that will actually work for feet that need a little extra width for a comfortable stride. We searched high and low, store after store, to find wide sandals that were actually comfortable and cute. What a combo. We were bombarded with options from every direction, but we took a number of different aspects into consideration. Were they actually comfortable? Could they withstand some adventuring? Were they non-slip, or have some sort of grip? Wanting to give you only the best, we tested each sandal individually to see how it stacked up—and came up with the following list.

If you’re sick of being in pain or shopping around for hours and only finding options that are narrow-foot friendly, we’re hoping that one of the options we’ve found here will save the day. From moderate width to true wide sandals, there truly is something for everyone here. Join us on this journey through options that can work for you!

Best Sandals for Your Wide Feet

So what sandals do we recommend for wide feet? Take a look at the ultra-cute and highly-durable options below!

Soda Espadrilles


Can’t hate on a good espadrille. You can tell it’s a good buy when it ranks at the Top of Amazon’s best seller list for platform and wedge sandals. Take a peek at the bottom; you won’t find many espadrilles that have a walk-friendly cushion like that. Made for wide feet, Soda shoes are one of the best options for functional, cute shoes that won’t kill your feet while you’re dressed up for a party or running errands around town with a nice outfit on.

Available in various colors including brown, white, metallic and more, you can find these for almost any occasion. Buy all of them! These aren’t the kind of shoes that will break the bank, giving you the opportunity to really beef up your wardrobe. At an easy price point of $24-39, you’re able to get one extra without feeling shopper’s remorse!

Viakix Siena Sandal


We hate to pick favorites, but this just might be the best one on the list. Our Siena Sandal is one of our best sellers, and for good reason! We love that these walking sandals are functional, stylish, and come in a variety of different colors that our customers can’t get enough of. On top of that, they’re perfectly designed for those of us with wide feet!

Reasons why we love these are almost endless. So many of our customers love the outdoors, so we’ve made them nature-ready. They’re water-ready, as well, and come with elastic webbing that’s durable over time. They also dry quickly, so none of that squeaky walking when you climb over the river and into the woods (no pun intended). The outsole is made of rubber, so they have great traction, and prevent slips along your journey.


We’ve created them with comfort in mind (as always), so we created a cushioned EVA foam midsole along with our innovative arch stabilizer technology – thereby creating a sandal with great arch support. The Siena was designed to absorb as much impact as possible so your adventures aren’t interrupted by small rocks or sticks. Even with all of these features, we certainly didn’t forget the orthotic side of things when we built them. The shank stabilizer will keep the shoe durable and ready to absorb any unwanted force. This means you get to enjoy your next trip and can avoid dreaded foot pain when you finally take off your shoes at the end of a long day.

Literally and figuratively, this stellar sandal will knock your socks off! If you’re looking for a proven, go-to option that’s easy on feet and eyes, you should put the Siena sandal from Viakix at the top of your list!


How can you not want to slide this on immediately? One of our favorite options, the Vionic Pippa Toepost Sandal has secret orthopedic support. If you look closely, you can tell these are made a bit superior to other sandals that look just like them. Made with leather and a cushiony rubber sole, these could be your new go-to's. They’re so versatile, they’re for the frequent beach-goer, the errands-runner, or perfect for a summer picnic with your friends and family. This beautiful champagne option isn’t where Vionic stops; they have five different strap colors to choose from that are as beautiful as the one pictured here.

We know what some of you are thinking: how durable, really, is this model? With the combination of the leather knot and the soft microfiber footbed, we’re here to tell you that this one will last you quite some time. In addition, they’re designed by a podiatrist, so you know you’re getting that extra comfort and care for as long as they last! We loved trying these on for size during our test run, and we think you will, too. For this reason, make sure to check them out for yourself! One thing’s for sure: you won’t be disappointed by these incredible sandals for wide feet.

WTW Women’s Slide

Where are our Birkenstock fans? These shoes are the GREATEST alternative to those that can’t quite get comfortable in traditional Birks. With adjustable straps, these wide-soled shoes are the next best thing. A small, about half-inch platform, these are comfortable enough to wear every day. Their unique insole design included a full-foot soft pad underneath the suede that gives you extra cushion and makes for a foot-friendly day. This cork may not look too cozy, but they’ve designed it especially for you. With a prominent arch, deep heel and larger toe area, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by this one.

The best part? We love that it’s non-slip. They have what they call a “wearproof outsole” that makes adventuring all that much safer. For those of us that are romping around on trails and mountains in these kicks, you can rest assured that they’re the more practical of the wide-foot sandals and will get you there unscathed.


Aerothotic Thong Sandal


The Aerothotic Thong sandal is one of the best thong sandals for wide feet. The best part about them? They come in nearly every color under the sun. With nineteen options, these sandals can go with literally any outfit. Oranges, pinks, blues, greens - they’re all there. They’re made with a soft foam lining, and about a .75” platform. They’re super lightweight, so they’re our favorite sandals to bring to the beach and throw in the bag. They’re less than one pound per pair!

This brand, Aerothotic, is one of our favorites for orthotic comfort. See that footprint embossed into the platform? It’s actually there for a reason. This can actually target mid-foot pressure points that can help with plantar fasciitis and aid with staying comfortable all day. They’re also very flexible, making them great walking shoes. Take these with you for travel days, and you will never be disappointed!


Birkenstock Arizona EVA


Although Birkenstock is most famous for its leather options, the Arizona style made in water-friendly EVA is quickly becoming the go-to slide style sandal for summer. Vegan friendly and in a wide variety of hues, these are great for a quick walk to the mailbox or a day long excursion to the beach.

What makes these great for wide feet is the flexibility of the adjustable straps. Using the buckles, wearers can adjust both straps individually to create the just-right snug fit for their foot shape. The beds also provide arch support and cradle for wide feet. These allow feet of all size the comfort of a quick slip on that's both convenient and cute!


Viakix Napali Sandal


How...amazing...are... THESE!? As you can tell, we were super excited about this sandal. They come in four colors, each with a cute contrasting pattern on the strap. On top of that, they’re made from high quality materials. The soles are made of EVA foam that cradles the foot and isn't going to fall apart on you. The straps are actually made out of soft-fit materials that allow for superior adjustability. These are hand crafted with ergonomics in mind for any width of feet. This is also the reason why these are perfectly made for wider feet.



With four different straps to adjust, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your feet. These will withstand hiking, watersports, or a long day strolling through your new favorite town. With the ultimate support, not only will your feet be happy, but your knees and ankles will thank you too! Plus, with the adorable design, you won't sacrifice and ounce of style to enjoy a ton of comfort!


Aukusor Wide Width Flat Sandals


These babies are for true wide feet. For those of you out there that can’t cut it in some of the above that cater to a wide range of sizes, this option is for you. A choice that won’t break the bank, these sandals are made out of faux leather on top, a cushiony memory foam below, and a faux leather insole. They have the slightest platform, and are only going to give you about a quarter of an inch, so tall women, rejoice!

Since these sandals may come larger than you might think, these are the type that you should order a half size down. We know, not what you’re used to, right? They’re made 12% wider than normal-sized shoes, which may not sound like a whole ton, but it makes a huge difference in comfort for you. Wondering if they might be too big for you now? There’s actually a hidden elastic strap (sneaky) that will make sure that this shoe adjusts to your foot perfectly. We found this came in handy ourselves when testing this sandal and are sure it will work well for you, too.


Clark’s Saylie Moon Sandal


Clarks are such a great go-to brand for wider feet, so we always recommend them to our customers. They’re always great quality, and really take foot care seriously. This amazing option is available in six classic colors, but we’re partial to the pewter metallic leather shown above. These are made with genuine leather and a rubber sole that minimizes slippage. They appear to be mostly flat, but they do actually have a 1.25” heel height to give you a teeny extra boost. They have an Ortholite foot bed, which is their classic way of telling you “yes, these are comfortable”! With a flexible EVA outsole, we can’t recommend them enough if you want something practical but cute and unique as well.

These sandals have stood the test of time, and have been on the Clark’s product line for years. They are a fan favorite across the board, and we’re confident that they’ll be one of your favorites as well. They have reviews that ultimately make them sound like God’s gift to feet - truly! With 77% five star reviews, we think they’re worth checking out yourself!


Sketchers Cali Women’s Rumblers


These metallic beauties are perfect for when you need to dress up just a bit, but also want that sense of comfort. Ideal for a warm weather picnic or date, they have braid and jewel accents that are eye-catching and garner a ton of compliments. Another option with added comfort, this style has incorporated a layer of memory foam so you stay comfortable after a long day on your feet. For those of us on the shorter side, these give you a 2 ½” heel with a ¾” platform.

What we loved most about these shoes is that each size comes in a wide version, giving each customer the option to size up or down and find just the perfect fit. In reading through the customer reviews, we found many folks that rave about the comfort these provide, even with chronic foot pain. In our own testing, as well, we found that these cute sandals with arch support outperformed our expectations in every metric. All in all, a must get!

Viakix Cortona Sandal

The Viakix Cortona Sandal is an awesome option that's both versatile and super adorable! It's incredibly supportive and provides for all day comfort. It's the perfect shoe for outdoor adventures, no matter where your exploration takes you. The EVA foam foot bed is built to last and with ergonomic support in mind. This thick midsole provides the ultimate cushioning for your joints.


What makes these even more awesome is that they are fully adjustable, a perfect feature for wide feet. The straps are stretchable soft, giving the flexibility for a just-right fit. The adorable graphic details give you just the right amount of style and pop. Plus, a tree is planted for each purchase so both your feet and the environment win!

To steal a phrase from the common vernacular, what they said. With the information in this guide, we hope to give you the ability to do just that. In this piece, we’ve gone over a number of the best cute arch support sandals out there, many of which come in a variety of color options to give your wardrobe that extra boost.

If you have a hard time finding shoes to fit your feet perfectly, make sure to check out all of our Viakix options. As a leader in the field, we present customers with only the best in arch support, comfort, and price! Whether you’re heading to the beach or to the mountain, there’s something there for you that we can assure you that you’ll love.

If you’re off to shop on your own, don’t forget the few most important things to look for: added insoles with plenty of arch support, stretchy fabrics to host any variety of wide feet, and a nice little strip of memory foam that can keep you comfortable all day. Finally, make sure to use this guide to find the most fashionable sandals for wide feet.

If you have any questions about what might be right for you, contact us, and we can ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.

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