Men’s Water Sandals

If you love the outdoors and hiking or kayaking and rafting, you know that you have to have the right shoes to make these experiences enjoyable. Wet feet can lead to a whole host of problems that are better off avoided and hiking boots are prone to causing blisters and other problems as well. Having the right shoes when you head out for outdoor adventures can make a big difference in the comfort of your feet.

When you take the time to make sure that your footwear is right for the job at hand, you will make sure you are comfortable on your next adventure. You will also prevent things like blisters and foot infections. This is why water shoes are so popular for activities like rafting and paddleboarding. They are also perfect for sailing and boating. Plus, they can be your go-to footwear for hiking and camping.

If you are ready to learn more about what men’s water sandals can do for your feet when you are enjoying time spent outdoors, you need to read on!

What are Water Sandals?

Water sandals are like hiking sandals but they are designed with waterproofing and grip in mind. These are sandals that will handle walking over rough terrain and that will be comfortable for an entire day of hiking and walking. You will also be able to trust these sandals to shed water and to keep your feet from being impacted by blisters and other problems that can happen when you wear hiking boots and they get wet.

If you have ever tried to walk any kind of distance in a water shoe, you know that this is not really an enjoyable experience. Water shoes are made to be soft and flexible and to allow you to grip things like paddleboards, but they are not meant for hiking or for camping. This is a common misconception that can lead to painful foot issues in the middle of an outdoor trip. Water shoes might be great for certain activities in the water, but they are not meant for combination use of any kind.

When you are thinking about getting water sandals, you need to make sure that you are looking at the materials that the sandals are made of and the design. There are some key features that you should be paying attention to so that you can be sure that your sandals will not hurt your feet or cause issues with skin infections and rashes.

Water sandals for men

What Are the Features of Men’s Water Sandals?

When you are shopping for water sandals you need to think about some key design elements that will make sure that you have a good experience with your new pair of shoes. Water sandals are not hiking boots and they are not water shoes. You will need to consider the following factors to make sure that what you are buying is actually a water sandal.

· Flexible and Waterproof Straps on Your Men's Water Sandals

Many hiking sandals will state that they have water-resistant straps but this is not going to be good enough for your needs when you are going to be in the water all day. You will need to be sure that the straps on your chosen water sandals are going to be waterproof so that your feet will not be wet for hours and so that you do not get blisters and other painful rubs from the straps when you are out of the water and walking.

Also, be aware that thick straps with tough Velcro can cause a lot of discomfort for your feet. These might be a durable material choice, but thick and tough straps will often lead to more discomfort than anything else. There are many lower-quality sandal brands that offer these kinds of straps and you should stay away from them if you want to make sure that you do not get blisters and rubs within the first few hours of wearing your new sandals.

· Men's Water Sandal Soles Made to Shed Water

The soles of your water sandals need to be made to funnel water out from under your feet and they should be designed to keep your feet from slipping and sliding around inside your sandals when you are in the water. Smooth soles on hiking sandals will often lead to blisters and hot spots, so you will want to avoid these kinds of sandal features as well.

The soles of your sandals need to be made to take on the challenges of the water and they should also be thick and supportive enough to help you be comfortable when you are hiking or walking for a while. The bottoms of a good water sandal will also help you to have a good grip on surfaces that might be wet so you should look for grippy sandals that are not made with heavy soles.

· Men's Water Sandal Strap Arrangements That Will Not Trap Water

Another common problem with using a hiking sandal or shoe for water purposes is that the straps on these kinds of shoes are often dense and they are not placed in the right locations to keep water from being trapped against your skin. You should be sure that the water sandal that you have picked will allow your skin to breathe. This will prevent skin conditions and discomfort that might otherwise make your day of fun in the water really uncomfortable.

The arrangement of the straps on your water sandals is almost as important as the materials that they are made from and you should not cut corners on either item. You will need to have comfortable straps on these sandals that will not rub or keep your feet wet. This should be an item that you do not compromise on when choosing your next pair of water sandals.

water shoes for men

Consider Foot Shape When Shopping For Men's Water Sandals

One of the biggest factors in your comfort in a pair of sandals is the shape of your foot. Some people have very flat feet, while others have high arches or narrow heels. The shape of your foot can make a big difference in the kind of sandals that you will be most comfortable wearing. When you are shopping for your next pair of water sandals, you need to be sure that you think about your unique needs.

When you have narrow heels, you will want to have a more supportive heel strap that will keep your foot in place and prevent issues with your toes slipping off the ends of the sandal. People with flat feet should avoid sandals that have really high arch supports or they might end up being quite uncomfortable at the end of the day.

When you have high arches, you might want to consider a closed-toe sandal or one that is built more like a sport sandal. This will make it easy to get the support that you need for a good and comfortable fit all day long.

Think about buying a sandal as you would think about buying a shoe you need to wear all day. You will need to make sure that you are taking care of your feet correctly with the fit as well as the design of your water sandals.

Men’s Water Sandals

These sandals cover a wide range of styles and different designs. You will be able to trust that these water sandals will keep your feet dry and that you will be able to walk in them for miles as well as be able to enjoy time spent paddleboarding, kayaking, or rafting. Being able to wear the same shoes for all of your favorite outdoor activities is important.

No one wants to have to pack a second pair of shoes with them and switch in and out of their hiking sandals just to get in the water. This is why you need a really good set of water sandals for your outdoor adventuring needs!

1. Crocs Mesh Sandals

Crocs Mesh Sandal for mens

Crocs are known for their comfortable and supportive shoes that are practical and waterproof. This is the water sandal version of their classic design and it is made with the same durable and waterproof sole plus a few added water sandal features.

You will love the lightweight and durable mesh that covers the top of your foot in these sandals and the closed-toe makes this more of a sport sandal than some of the other choices that you will find on this list. The sandal comes in various colors and a wide range of sizes, which means that you should have no trouble finding your perfect pair of sandals in this style.

The sole of this sandal provides excellent gripping potential and the interior design of the sandal keeps water from puddling under the sole of your foot and causing blisters and discomfort. You will be able to customize the fit of this sandal on the top of the foot and the durable and comfortable heel strap will never rub your feet or cause your heel to feel pinched.

This is a really nice versatile sandal that offers a great blend of hiking sandal design, sport sandal features, and water shoe benefits.

2. Teva Original Sandal

Original teva sandal for mens

While not called out as an actual water sandal, Teva has always made hiking shoes that can stand up to rafting, water crossings, and more. This is the original hiking sandal company and you will always get a really durable and well-crafted sandal from Teva. You can trust their fit to be right on target as well, and their durable straps will not rub your feet or cause pinching and discomfort.

The soles of Teva brand sandals are made with a soft nubby grip built-in and the gentle arch support fits many foot shapes. You will also love that the heel straps are so adjustable that you can change the tensions over your toes with the custom strap that is added to the front of the sandal.

These are sandals with minimal straps, which makes them easy to customize and makes it simple to keep your feet dry and cozy all day long. Teva is a great brand to choose from for outdoor adventures of all kinds and you will not be let down by their quality designs and their really user-friendly adjustments on every strap.

3. Teva Minam

Teva minam sandals

Another really nice Teva sandal is the sport sandal-inspired version of the previous option. This is a great choice for those with narrow feet or who want a little more arch support in their water sandal. This sandal is made with a durable and grippy sole that offers interior water channels to keep water from pooling under your feet. You will also get the benefit of waterproof straps with a soft interior layer that will not retain water.

This is a really adjustable sandal which means that it is easy to make it fit lots of different size feet and lots of different heel widths. Having access to a more supportive and fully-enclosed strap arrangement can make this sandal a great choice for those who love a sport sandal and are not interested in minimal strap design.

If you are looking for a water sandal that is lightweight and that will offer you a durable and really supportive sole, this is the right choice to make. This is one of the best sports-style water sandals out there and you will get a great blend of benefits from this design that you would struggle to find in another water sandal.

4. Dream Pairs Outdoor Sandal

Outdoor dream pairs sandal for mens

If you want to have access to a classic sport sandal that is also a great water sandal, this is the perfect choice for your needs. These sandals are made with an upper that is made of waterproof straps and you can tighten this portion of the shoe with the elastic band and loop arrangement to get the perfect fit. You will also get the benefit of a Velcro heel strap that will adjust in many different ways.

The durable rubber sole will keep you from slipping or skidding when you are in the water and you will have access to a comfortable inner sole that is waterproof as well. The design of the interior support of this sandal is great for many shapes of feet and you will love how comfortable the fit is from side to side due to the stable upper that this shoe offers.

When you are thinking about having access to a versatile sandal that will handle the water and some hiking and all-day wear, this is a great choice to make. You will be able to get this sandal in a wide range of sizes and you will love the comfortable fit that it offers right out of the box.

5. Aqua Mocc Water Sandals

Mens aqua mocc  water sandals

For those who are really attached to the classic water shoe design but want to be able to walk over some tough terrain on a hike in the same shoes, this is the sandal for you. You will get the benefit of all of the soft and pliable comfort that water sandals can offer as well as a supportive sole that can keep your feet comfortable when hiking.

This is a great choice if you love to paddleboard or you want to have a lot of feeling of connection with the surfaces beneath your feet. This is technically a barefoot feel fit but you will be able to trust these shoes to hold up to terrain and to provide grip on rocks and other surfaces that you are trying to get across in between paddling sessions.

This is one of the softest and most comfortable options out there when you are looking at water sandals and you will get the right blend of benefits that are offered by water moccasins and hiking sandals. This is a very versatile sandal and you will enjoy that you can paddle, hike, and swim in these without any trouble at all.

6. Keen Fisherman Sandal

Mens keen fisherman water  sandal

This is a really unique water sandal and one that can be a perfect choice if you want a really soft and supportive sandal. This sandal comes with a durable rubber sole that will shed water away from the sole of your foot and that will offer you hours of comfortable walking as well as stable footing on slippery surfaces.

The unique upper of this sandal is made of braided nylon cord that will stretch and flex with your feet and that will not hold onto water when you are getting in and out of a wet environment. You will love how lightweight this sandal is and it is very versatile as well. You can trust this sandal to take on all kinds of challenges and to come out of them without any complaints.

This is a great sandal to choose if you have had trouble with traditional sandal straps chafing your feet. The soft corded design will not hurt your feet and will not lead to blisters or other issues with your skin. This is a unique sandal that can tackle all of your comfort needs as well as being able to take on tough watery conditions without a single issue.

7. Body Glove Outdoor Water Shoe

Body glove  water shoe for mens

While technically a water shoe, this is a very lightweight sandal style shoe that offers a light mesh upper that will keep your feet dry and cool. You will get a sports shoe style sole on this sandal and you will be able to trust the bottom of the sole to handle tough terrain as well as being grippy enough for kayaking or paddleboarding.

This is a really nice shoe to choose if you want to have more strap adjustment than you might get from a traditional sandal. You will still get the right blend of fit and function from this water shoe and you will be able to make this footwear fit well even if you have very narrow feet or a narrow heel.

The breathable mesh of the upper will cradle your foot and it will not hold onto water. You will also love the open sides that will allow your foot to breathe and that can make hot weather much more comfortable for you. Being able to wear a shoe that works like a sandal can be a really great benefit for your needs and you will love that this outdoor shoe offers the best of both kinds of design with ease.

8. Camel Crown Athletic Waterproof Sandal

Camel crown waterproof Sandal for mens

If you thought that a sandal with leather components could not be waterproof, you were wrong! This is a really durable sandal that has leather uppers that are fully waterproof. You can trust this sandal to take on the toughest hiking terrain as well as the wettest of conditions with ease. The three-strap design is simple and to the point and you can adjust all of the straps for the right fit.

Your foot will be cradled by the well-crafted sole that sheds water and that will keep your foot from sliding around as you wear these sandals all day. The air-cushioned solid also offers a comfortable blend of durability and flexibility which will keep your feet comfortable no matter what activities you are engaged in.

This is a really well-made sandal that can be trusted to take on the wettest conditions and the harshest terrain without complaint. You will feel like you are wearing a tough hiking sandal but you will get all the right features and functions to make your time spent in the water comfortabl. This is a very versatile sandal that offers all of the right materials and design notes for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

9. Ecco Flat Strap Sandal

Mens ecco flat strap waterproof sandal

If you like a minimalist sandal, this is a great choice for your needs. This sandal is made with a soft and supple sole that will grip slippery surfaces with ease. You will enjoy access to a well-designed set of straps that are soft and flexible and that will not hold onto water when you are walking or hiking away from the river or lake that you might have been enjoying.

This sandal is great for flat feet or for those who love a smoother sole that allows for a closer connection with the surfaces beneath your feet. You will be able to make the straps fit perfectly through the unique adjustment style and you will appreciate that the interior of the sandal straps is lined for your comfort but will not retain water.

This is a really simple but very effective sandal that offers a lot of great design notes for any use. You will get a durable and well-made sandal when you choose this option and you will not have to deal with waterlogged straps or a slippery and sloppy sole beneath your feet. If you want to turn your favorite hiking sandals into water sandals, this is the right product to choose for your outdoor adventures.

10. Nunn Brush Sport River Sandal

Nunn brush sport river waterproof sandal for mens

This is a really nice sandal and it is a great choice for those who love the way that a sports sandal can offer comfort, support, and durability all at once. The straps on the upper of this sandal are soft and flexible and they will provide you with the right blend of support and comfort. You can keep a narrow heel in place with ease in this sandal and you will have access to a partially-enclosed toe box that adds to the supportive nature of this shoe.

The sole is grippy on the underside and can take on tough terrain with ease but it is flexible enough that you will not feel constricted. The interior portion of the sole will shed water and the gentle gripping surface will keep these sandals in place under your feet with ease. You will feel like your foot is being wrapped in a cozy glove when you choose these sandals and you will have a great experience when wearing them no matter what activities you are trying to enjoy.

This is a really nice choice for your needs if you want a shock-absorbing sole as well. There are not many water sandals that can promise to protect your feet from concussion, but this set of sandals can do that and so much more!

11. Crocs Swiftwater Wave

Crocs swiftwater wave sandal for mens

This is a really clever blend of water shoe features and sandal features and you will have a really good experience with this sandal. The slingback support for your heel will not rub and you will be able to simply slip these sandals on and head out to have fun! The upper is waterproof and conforms to the top of your foot as well.

This is a sneaker that has the benefits of a sandal and you will get all the right supportive and comfort features from this sandal that you can expect from a Croc product. There is nothing that you will not love about being able to just hop into your sandals and head out for adventures. Crocs are some of the most lightweight and durable sandals on the market and these are the slip-on versions of their water sandal designs.

This sandal comes in many colors and a full range of sizes as well. This makes it easy to get the right sandal for your needs and to be able to customize the design in ways that other water sandals cannot. Crocs are always a good investment for comfort and function and you will have a great time with these sandals on your feet, no matter what kinds of activities you are engaged in.

12. Propet Men’s Kona Sandal

Propet men's kona water sandal

This is a hiking sandal that was made into a really great water sandal. You will get the benefit of a durable and grippy sole that will handle tough terrain and absorb shock while also enjoying a soft and waterproof upper. This sandal adjusts along the top with a loop and elastic design and you will get access to an adjustable Velcro strap that will keep your heel in place perfectly.

This is a sandal that comes with an EVA midsole as well, which makes it a great choice for harsh terrain or locations where you might need to climb and then jump down or up to your next foothold. This sandal also offers the benefit of a partially-enclosed upper that will keep your foot from sliding around making it easy to fit this sandal to narrow feet or narrow heels.

This is a very versatile sandal that can be counted on to take on tough challenges with ease. You will have a really good experience in all kinds of terrain and all kinds of conditions with this sandal on your side. If you have ever wished that your favorite hiking sandal was waterproof and could be trusted to take on lakes, rivers, or rafting, this is the sandal for your needs!

Men's Water Sandals Can Make Outdoor Adventures Much More Enjoyable

Best water sandals for mens

If you have ever been on a hiking trip where your hiking sandals got weight and gave you blisters, or if you have ever been rafting and wished that you could have just gotten out of the water and hiked back to your camp in your water shoes, these sandals are the right choice for your needs. You will get the right blend of all of the elements of each kind of footwear when you choose water sandals for your outdoor adventures.

Having access to waterproof straps and a durable sole as well as carefully crafted midsole support are all key aspects of picking a water sandal over a regular hiking sandal or a shoe. The water sandal is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of gear that you can add to your closet when you love to spend time being active outdoors. If you have gotten tired of carrying water sandals with you on your hiking or adventuring trips, you need to pick up a pair of water sandals today!

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