Sandals That Are Good for Your Feet

If you love to wear sandals every day, you might be aware that some of the sandals that you have owned in the past were not very good for your feet or very comfortable. This is not only a distraction for your everyday wear purposes, but it can also actually cause injury to your feet. You should always wear shoes that fit properly and it is never a good idea to try to just make a pair of sandals work that is not made for your unique foot shape and activity needs.

Sandals should always be good for your feet and if they are not, you are probably just not wearing the right ones. If you want to learn more about how to get the perfect sandals that will be good for your feet, read on!

How Sandals Can Affect Your Overall Health

Sandals, just like any other shoe, are made in many different designs and styles. Not every sandal is going to fit every person perfectly and you need to know what the right kind of sandals are for your needs if your sandals are going to be good for your might not seem like your sandals can impact your overall health, but shoe fit has a major part to play in your overall comfort and health on a daily basis.

Sandals and shoes that do not fit you can cause a whole host of problems for your overall health.

Arthritis Pain

If you are wearing the wrong sandals for your needs, you could make your existing arthritis in your knees, back, ankles, and feet much worse. You could also be causing wear and tear that can lead to arthritis in the future. Arthritis pain is easier to treat than some other kinds of discomfort and you will see just how much better your arthritis feels if you avoid being tough on your feet with the wrong sandals.

Arthritis can actually be improved if you are wearing the right sandals and shoes and you should aim for this outcome rather than tolerating uncomfortable footwear that is making your arthritis worse. On top of the damage that you might be causing your feet wearing the wrong sandals, you will also likely be limiting yourself to being less active which is not at all good for arthritis overall.

Back and Sciatica Pain

Correct posture is tied to the correct function of your feet when you are walking. If you are wearing the wrong sandals, you can cause back and sciatica pain that can be hard to treat and improve. If you have had back issues or sciatica problems in the past, you should avoid wearing improperly fitted sandals. The kinds of damage that can be done to your back by ill-fitting shoes cannot be overstated and many people are unaware of just how much their sandals are impacting their back health.

Soft Tissue Pain

If you are wearing shoes that are the wrong size and fit for your needs, you might find that the soles of your feet and the tendons and ligaments that are involved in walking processes can become inflamed. Soft tissue pain can be tough to calm down once it has made itself known.

You should always take your feet seriously if they are telling you that shoes are hurting them. Bruising and other kinds of soft tissue damage can take a long time to heal and you might spare yourself these kinds of injuries if you listen to your feet complaining about being uncomfortable when you first start wearing a pair of shoes or sandals.


These inflammations of the joint in the big toe can cause a lot of pain as well as lasting damage to the toe itself. Shoes that are too small or pinch your toes together can cause this issue. This is less common when wearing sandals but is totally possible to cause with the wrong pair on your feet.

Bunions can require surgery and you do not want to have to get to this point as the recovery is long and painful. Avoiding compressing your toes and having them crossing over one another is really important to your overall foot health. Even sandals can cause a lot of bunion-related issues if the toe box is much too small for your feet.

Plantar Fasciitis

If you have flat feet, you will find that wearing the wrong kind of sandals can cause you a lot of trouble with the arches of your feet. You might end up with more serious conditions like plantar fasciitis that are hard to treat and can take months to get sorted out. Wearing the right sandals can actually improve your comfort if you have plantar fasciitis and you should aim for picking the kinds of sandals that will improve this situation for your needs rather than make it worse.

There are not many shoes and sandals that are designed to treat this kind of injury, so you will have good luck if you focus on those kinds of sandals if this is a condition that you are struggling with. You should always avoid wearing sandals that do not properly support your feet to avoid causing this kind of damage to your arches and the ligaments and tendons inside your feet.

How to Find Sandals That Are Best for Your Feet

The shape of your foot can have a major impact on the sandals that you choose and you should always consider getting professionally sized by a shoe store or a sports store before you determine your correct shoe size. Many people wear the wrong size shoes and sandals for years until they are professionally sized.

Always consider your arch shape and the kind of activities that you intend to do in your sandals before you buy. If you are going to be hiking and walking through water, you will need very different sandals than if you are looking for sandals that are good for walking around town. No matter what kind of sandals you pick out, they should always be shaped properly for your foot shape and be the correct size for you.

Picking out the right kind of sandals for your needs doesn’t have to be hard if you understand what your foot size is and what shape of shoes you need to be able to stay comfortable all day. There is no exchange for a well-fitted pair of sandals and you should be sure that you think about your comfort far more than the appearance of the sandals that you are shopping for.

There should never be any choice between comfort and prettiness in your mind. Comfort and quality of design should always come first because these items are directly related to your health. You should be clear by now about the fact that your feet can impact your health and you should always make sure that you are seeking the right means to keep your feet healthy for the long haul.

When looking for quality sandals, you should always keep these items in mind:

Sandal Material

This can be important for a variety of reasons. You will need to make sure that the sandals that you are buying are waterproof if you are going to be walking through a lot of water and you should be sure that the straps have soft interior material that will not make you get blisters or rubs. Sandals should always be lightweight and comfortable on your feet and should never feel like they will rub or scrape your skin.

Footbed Features that Are Good for Your Feet

The kind of footbed that is in your sandal can make a huge impact on its overall comfort. Sandals that have supportive footbeds with a quality midsole will make your back and knees and ankles far more comfortable when you are walking around in them. This is very important for sports sandals and hiking sandals. The footbed should also be sturdy enough to hold up to some miles without being stiff and harsh against your feet.

Sole Material

The sole of your sandals can have a big impact on their comfort when worn all day. The sole needs to be tough enough to hold up to some miles of walking but it should never feel stiff and resistant to the pressure of your feet. A quality sandal sole will bend and flex along with your foot and will provide lateral support without being rigid.

Adjustable Strap Sandals to Best Fit Your Feet

You should always shop for sandals with adjustable straps so that you can fit your sandals to your feet properly. Loosely fitted sandals or sandals that are too tight can lead to all kinds of discomfort for the wearer and you might find that the rest of the sandal is perfect but the strap adjustments are not at all right for your needs. Be wary of really tough Velcro as this will likely make the straps uncomfortable and cause blisters and scrapes.


The midsole offers most of the arch support for your comfort and it can also impact the way that your toes and heels fit inside the sandals that you are buying. A midsole might be made for an arched foot or a flat foot and you need to look into this factor when you are shopping. If you have very flat feet and buy a sandal with a highly supportive midsole, you might be very uncomfortable every time you wear your sandals.

Toebox Measurements that Are Ideal for Your Toes

While you are not going to need to think about the toe space of a sandal the way that you think of the toe box of a regular sneaker, you will need to consider that your toes need to all fit into the toe box on your sandal and they need to be comfortable. If you get a sandal that does not allow your toes to all fit into the toe part of the sole of your feet are slipping around inside of this space, you will get blisters and have issues with other kinds of foot injuries. Always make sure to look at the toe box measurements and compare them to your foot measurements.

Activity Rating

If you are looking for a sandal that is going to hold up to lots of walking miles or other kinds of hard use, you need to look at how the sandal is described. Does it say that it will hold up to lots of hard miles of walking and rough and tumble activities? If the sandal is not listed as being a sport or hiking sandal and you are looking for these activities, you will want to find another sandal. Most makers and sellers of sandals will be clear about the level of activity that you can do with their products so that you do not buy the wrong kind of shoe for your needs.

Strap Arrangement

The placing and location of the straps on your sandals can make a big difference to their overall comfort and functionality. You will need to have enough support to keep the sandal stable on your foot for hiking and other kinds of harder use, and you do not want to consider a slip-on shoe up for this sort of task in most cases. Looking at the strap arrangement will tell you a lot about what the sandals in question can do for your needs.

How Do I Know What Size Sandals Will Fit My Feet Best?

This is one of the places that most people go wrong when they are looking for the perfect shoes and sandals. Most people have been guessing at their correct size based on trial and error their whole lives, not knowing that you can be fitted for shoes and get your exact size each time.

If you need to have your feet sized and measured, you need to go to a shoe store or a sports store. They will have the right tools to measure your feet properly and to advise you about the width of your heel and the overall shape of your foot. Some people do not even realize that they have high arches until they go to be fitted for shoes by an expert.


Shoe stores will use measuring devices that take into account your overall foot shape and size as well as the needs you have for your toe box and heel support. These tools are made specifically to take all of these measurements but they will not be available to you at a general shoe store. You can order these tools yourself if you would like, but you will still need someone else to measure your feet for you. You cannot press down and lean over on the measurement tools while trying to get an accurate measurement for your foot’s dimensions.

You should always look for a shoe that is about a half size bigger than your measured size when you are shopping. This will give your feet room to move inside the shoe and will make sure that your heel fits inside the heel support and that your toes do not get pinched. This is still important when you are trying on sandals as you will want to be sure that your toes do not hang over the ends of your shoes when you are walking.

Make sure that you walk around in every shoe that you try on. A shoe or sandal can feel comfortable when you are standing still and be immediately uncomfortable when you are walking around. You will notice things about the comfort and fit of a shoe right off when you are walking that you could never have become aware of when you were standing still. There are many things that will show up more and more as you walk in a pair of shoes or sandals and you need to make sure that you take the time to test the fit out in this way.

For people who are shopping online, you will need to pay close attention to the dimensions and measurements that are explained on the website. You will see that they are made pretty clear in most cases and you can use your professional measurements to compare to see if the sandals in question will fit you.


You can also read reviews to see if other customers found that the shoes run small or narrow or wider than expected. There are many useful components that are included in user reviews and as long as the tone of the review is fair, you can glean useful information from what other people have experienced.

Never buy shoes or sandals online that do not clearly state that you can return them if they do not fit. Any quality shoe or sandal seller will allow you to send back shoes that hurt your feet or do not work out for some reason. There are many variables to sizing and fitting shoes to people and returns can be necessary for so many reasons when you are shopping online for shoes.

Sandals That Are Good for Your Feet

If you are ready to get some sandals that will be really good for your feet, this list will get you started in the right direction! You will want to make sure that you are aware of what size you are and what shape your arches are as you start to shop. Having this information in mind will make sure that you get the perfect sandals that will be good for your feet.

This is a stylish and very comfortable sandal that can be perfect for walking around town or for hiking and camping. The EVA foam midsole will protect your feet and arches from all of the challenges of being active during your day and you will love the shank stabilizer and the highly adjustable straps. This is a great shoe for traction on tough surfaces that will never feel stiff or hard to walk in.

Best of all, this sandal will be kind to the sole of your feet and you can adjust the straps and all the fittings to fit any need that you might have. The material of the straps is soft yet durable and offers you the ability to make the sandals feel like they were custom-made for your feet.

Birkenstock Arizona

This is a classic comfort sandal that has been popular for many years. People will remember their older siblings wearing the original versions of these sandals and they have only gotten better. The straps do not offer much in the way of adjustment, but they are buttery soft and feel broken in from the first moment that you put these sandals on. They are also really an afterthought since Birkenstocks have always been known for creating a footbed that stays on your feet without any help at all.

For people with a flatter foot or a wide foot, these sandals will be heavenly and will work with or without socks and hiking gear. The toe support bar offers an added stability to the footbed which means that your foot will never slide around or get blisters when you are wearing these sandals. These are a great basic choice that will handle light hiking as well as daily wear with ease.

This is a really adorable sandal that is also really practical. You will love the EVA midsole that supports your foot and prevents rubbing and pinching when you are hiking on a trail in these sandals. You can wear them with your favorite skirt or on your next hiking adventure and you will love them for both of these functions.

Sport sandals are made to be lightweight and comfortable for all kinds of activities and your feet will be supported when you are running, walking, and hiking in these sandals. The adjustable straps make it easy to fit this sandal to anyone and they will feel like they were made just for you right out of the box! Sport sandals are a great choice for people who love the support of a tennis shoe but want to wear a sandal in hot weather.

Naot Kayla Sandal

This sandal is recommended by podiatrists for people with wide feet or flat feet and the footbed is shaped in a similar way to that of a Birkenstock. The soft straps lack some adjustment options but they are comfortable right off and will fit most people quite well. This is a really attractive sandal that will do double duty for nights out at dinner as well as hikes through the woods.

You will not get access to the waterproof capacity of some of the other sandals on this list, but these are long-wearing sandals that hold up to a lot of miles of use and abuse with ease. The footbed is made to absorb shock and keep your foot in the ideal position for comfort and ergonomics. This makes these sandals a great choice for traveling as well as hiking and they can be your new favorite work shoes as well as your next favorite hiking sandal.

This highly versatile sandal is so comfortable that you will be sorry that you waited this long to get a pair. The Napali is made for walking, hiking and is waterproof so can be used for treks that involve water crossing. You will get access to the awesome benefits of the EVA midsole that Viakix is known for. You will also have the right arch support for all of your foot’s comfort and athletic needs while you are wearing these sandals.

Sport sandals are always a really comfortable choice for all kinds of wear and you will love having access to the sturdy, yet lightweight soles on these sandals. Being able to protect your feet from all kinds of surfaces while feeling like they are as light as air is a huge benefit of a sports sandal. Sports sandals are made for activewear but they can also be used for casual wear with ease.

Therafit EVA Slip-On

Slip-on sandals are not usually a solid recommendation for foot support and long-term comfort, but these sandals will prove that theory wrong. They are well-constructed with soft leather uppers that are perfectly designed to keep your foot from slipping around in the sandal. The footbed is well designed with enough comfort and cushion that your feet will thank you for the help and support as you navigate your day.

These sandals might not be tough enough for hiking over rough ground or camping well away from trails, but they are going to help you with your foot pain or arch support needs and they are nice enough looking to be work shoes or to be worn to dinner or around town. The cushioning style of these shoes is perfect for those with flat feet that are prone to arch pain and they will offer you some relief for pinched heels and other issues with the back of your foot.

The Acadia Hiking Sandal, A Supportive Footwear Choice

The Acadia sandal is a great choice if you want a really good-looking sandal that offers great arch support and a really ergonomic sole. The EVA midsole will hold up to all kinds of challenges and keep your feet comfortable and secure. You will not have to worry about your foot sliding around in this sandal and the adjustable straps are perfect for your overall fitting and comfort needs.

Sports sandals are always a great choice for many kinds of wear and these sandals are made to be lightweight yet supportive and strong. You will never feel weighed down by these sandals and your toes and your arches will be so comfortable that you will wonder why you did not get these sandals sooner. The Acadia will feel like it was custom-made for your foot and will fit perfectly right out of the box.

Women’s Z Cloud Sandals


This is a really nice athletic sandal that you can wear all day for hiking as well as walking through water and other challenging surfaces. This is a really supportive sandal that will take care of all of your foot’s needs for support as well as offering up comfortable straps that will not chafe or rub.

These sandals also offer a nice toe loop that is very secure and a heel riser which can help with tendonitis pain. Toe and heel support can be very important for some tendon conditions and these sandals can give you both of these kinds of support. You will love these attractive sandals because they can be used for so many purposes and they are so nice-looking.

The Cortana Sandal

This is a really great sandal for those who love a pair of shoes that will cup their feet with comfort and lightweight support. There is no shortage of nice things to say about these sandals. They are very attractive but they also offer superior arch support and heel support.

Soft and durable straps will make sure that your sandals do not slide around on your feet and the arch support is perfect for long walks over rough terrain. The EVA midsole will flex with your foot and provide support for your arches and heels as you navigate hiking and other kinds of activities. This is a really great sandal to pick if you want superior support that is highly comfortable.

FitFlop Iqushion Flip-Flop

Flip-flops are rarely considered to be supportive or good for your feet, but these flip-flops are designed to be extra supportive and comfortable for all-day wear. These are a great choice if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis as they are the right shape and weight for your needs when you are healing. They are easy to slip on and they can help support fallen arches that need gentle pressure to heal and rest.

These flip-flops actually have a heel cup that allows your foot to stay secure while wearing them and they are great for this kind of therapeutic support as they will not press down on the tops of your feet while they are healing. The soft midsole will protect your feet from any concussion and the stable footbed will keep your feet from spreading too much and further strain.

Birkenstock Gizeh

This is a great sandal that is very comfortable for flat feet and is often recommended for people who are pregnant. The footbed is made to mold to your foot and the soft uppers are made with a simple slip-on design that supports the foot and molds over time to your feet. These are a melding of a lightweight flip flop and traditional Birkenstock and they offer the best of both of these worlds.

They fit right out of the box perfectly and you will be able to get them on and off readily which can make it much easier to use these sandals if you have sore feet, plantar fasciitis, or another foot injury of some kind. There is no exchange for the kind of superior foot support that you can get from this kind of sandal and you will love how easy they are to put on and to take off.

Sloane Outdoor Sandals

This is a really great sandal to choose from if you love a sports sandal but want to have a little more support around your ankle and across your toes. This is a great choice for fit for a narrow foot and you can make sure that the footbed is snug and secure and comfortable for any function that you have in mind.

This is a very attractive sandal that offers lots of benefits that you will not get from other sandals that are like it. You will get all of the benefits of a sports sandal as well as the benefits of a hiking sandal with the same comfortable EVA footbed and midsole that make this brand such a great choice.

Finding Sandals That Are Great for Your Feet Doesn’t Have to be Tough

Sandals that are good for your feet are not that tough to find once you know what you are looking for. There are many great sports and hiking sandals on the market that will take care of all of your foot comfort and care needs and you can prevent injury while also enjoying the beautiful designs of these shoes.

Make sure that you are buying sandals that are the right size and make sure that you are buying from a company that will allow you to make returns if your shoes are not comfortable after you buy them. You might have to find the right sandals that are good for your feet with some trial and error but there is nothing wrong with that and the company that you buy from should know this could be the case.

Sandals that are good for your feet are on the market and can be located readily if you are aware of your foot size and foot needs and shop with some care and attention to detail.

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