The 16 Best Trendy Sandals for Ladies

Authored by Adam Sherman

Sandals are comfortable and can be stylish enough to go with any kind of outfit. You can match nice and trendy sandals with jeans, skirts and more. If you love a trendy pair of sandals, you probably also realize that it can be tough to find sandals that are comfortable to wear all day.

You should never sacrifice comfort for the style of your sandals, and being able to wear the sandals that you have picked out for all kinds of activities is important. No one wants to buy a new pair of sandals only to realize that they hurt your feet! You should make sure that every pair of trendy sandals that you invest in are comfortable as well as nice to look at.

If you have been looking for the best trendy sandals for ladies and coming up short, this article will help you to get the right pair of sandals for your needs!

How to Make Sure Your Trendy Sandals Are Quality Footwear

It can be easy to be drawn in by sandals that look a certain way without considering whether or not they are a quality footwear item. You should always check on the materials and the design of sandals that you are thinking of buying, particularly if you are shopping online. Quality sandals should have some basic features if you want to be sure that they will hold up to use and keep your feet comfortable.

Avoid plastic and rubber parts

If you are looking at sandals and they have plastic or rubber parts, particularly included in the straps, you should avoid these sandals. They will be unlikely to hold up over time and you will risk getting blisters and rubs from the straps.

If the sole is made from rubber on the bottom this is fine, but you should stay away from sandals that have rubber on the top surface where your foot will rest. Rubber can get quite warm and might blister your feet or it can get slippery if your feet get wet.

Stay away from sandals without adjustable straps

One of the biggest reasons that sandals do not fit properly is often that the straps are not adjustable enough. You should be sure that the sandals that you are buying will adjust in enough ways to make them secure on your feet without rubbing or pinching.

Sandals that are slip-on and sandals that do not offer more than a few adjustments will probably not fit your feet comfortably and you will be very unlikely to want to wear these sandals for longer than a short period at one time. Sandals that are made for movement will have lots of adjustment options for your needs.

Look at midsole materials

The midsole of the sandal can have a big impact on the overall comfort of the shoe. You should look at what materials the midsole and sole are made of to be sure that you can wear the sandals in comfort for more than a short period of time. Thin soles might be just as comfortable as thick soles if they are made with the right materials.

You should look for quality materials, mentions of how the arch support works, and other details about the sole material information before you buy. Assuming that a sandal will be comfortable all day just because the sole is thick is not a reasonable assumption to make. The materials that the sole is made of matter far more than the relative thickness.

Strap material

The material that the straps are made of makes a huge difference in the overall lifespan of your sandals as well as their comfort. You should not pick sandals that have thick or bulky straps or heavy Velcro. These kinds of straps will resist breaking in and they will likely cause blisters and other issues no matter how long you have had the sandals.

Look for durable but soft strap material that is made to conform to your feet and keep them from getting sore when you are wearing your sandals. You should not have to wonder if the straps of your sandals will become comfortable over time. They should be comfortable from the first time that you put your sandals on and wear them.

How to Determine Your Size

If you are not sure what your foot size is or what your foot shape is, you need to head to a sporting goods store or a shoe store and have them size your feet properly. They will be able to tell you what size shoe you wear even if it is a half-size and you will be given advice about the shape of your feet. Knowing the correct size and the shape of your feet can help you greatly when making your sandal purchase.

You should always make sure that you are also sized for your heel width and your arches. This will tell you what kind of footbed you need on your sandals as well as guiding you toward the right strap arrangement. Getting the right strap orientation on your sandals can help you to make sure that your feet are not sliding around in your shoes and help prevent rubbing and blisters.

If you are not sure where to get sized, you can call around to some local shoe stores and ask if they do proper fittings. They will need to be able to size you in all of these ways for it to be worth your effort to come and be evaluated. While not every shoe sales platform online will tell you all of the details of the heel and arch support that is available in the sandals and shoes you are shopping for, you can often call and ask questions about fit that are more detailed. If you have this information about the shape and true size of your feet you can get a better idea about whether or not a shoe you are buying will fit you.

The Best Trendy Sandals for Ladies

1. Teva Olowahu Flip Flop

trendy sandals for lady


This attractive and lightweight flip flop is adjustable to your fit needs and comes in lots of fun colors. You will be able to enjoy all-day wear with these delightful little sandals and they are made with a contoured footbed that will keep your feet comfortable for hours.

EVA midsole and the mush traction pattern in this sandal allow for what feels like a foot massage as you wear these sandals all day. The synthetic sole is made of durable material that will hold up to tough terrain and you will love the soft straps that will not rub, chafe or cause blisters.

This is a nice lightweight sandal that can hold up to outdoor activewear but is also cute and trendy enough to be worn out to dinner or with your favorite dress. This is a really great choice to make if you are tired of thong-style sandals that slide around on your feet and want to have the same low-profile fit without all the issues and discomfort.

This is a really nice sandal with a soft EVA midsole and great adjustable straps that will fit any foot. These sandals can hold up to running, hiking and water crossings, and rafting. Sport sandals are perfect for wearing with jeans, a skirt, or heading out on a camping trip and you will love how light and comfortable they are on your feet.


These sandals come in various colors and you will love the arch support and gentle heel support that this sandal offers. This is one of the most comfortable sandals around and you will want to have a pair in every color. This sandal will fit like it was custom made for you as soon as you put it on and you will love the stretchy straps that can accommodate your movements.

The ankle support of this sandal really shines and you will find that if you struggle with heel strap issues with other sandals, you will not experience any of these fit issues with the Cortana. The other great benefit of buying from this company is that a tree is planted for every purchase that is made.

3. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Elatica Flat Sandals

trendy sandals for women

This is a nice simple sandal that offers up classic styling and comfortable wear. The sole is very thin but is still supportive. This is a great choice for a trendy sandal that offers up superior fit for flat feet and narrow ankles. The soft and stretchy straps will prevent any issues with rubbing or slipping and they come in many fun colors.

This is the kind of sandal that you wished that you could buy a few years ago before this kind of style of sandal was not popular yet. This is the best lightweight sandal design that you can pick since these sandals will fit like a glove without rubbing or getting hot. Head to the beach, go out to dinner, or take a long walk in these sandals with ease.

These sandals are easy to slip on and off and you will love the crisscross strap design for added lateral stability of this sandal as you wear it. The synthetic leather sole will keep your feet from getting hot and starts out soft and supple right out of the box.

This delightfully pretty and trendy sandal offers all the value of a sports sandal with all the performance features that you can expect from this kind of sandal design. The soft and gently supportive sole will take care of your arch support as well as your overall heel and toe comfort. The straps come in a variety of styles and are made for easy adjustment and a secure and comfortable fit.


This is a really nice sandal with an EVA midsole and a durable sports sole design. You can run in this sandal, walk on the beach, or head to your favorite restaurant with friends or on a date. This is a really nice sandal to choose from if you want all-around performance as well as fun styling notes.

If you have narrow to medium-width feet, this is the perfect sandal for you to choose. The ankle adjustment is really excellent on this sandal and you will be able to create the perfect combination of adjustments to fit narrow feet and narrow heels with this sandal. This company promises that you will get sandals that feel like custom-fit shoes right out of the box and the Samara will take care of all of your needs in this department with ease.

5. Skechers Women’s Reggae Z-Gore Slingback

trendy women’s sandals


This is a really nice sandal that offers boho-chic styling as well as comfort and support for all of your needs related to fit and performance. This sandal comes in many colors and all of them offer access to a memory foam sole, readily adjustable straps, and a quality waterproof bottom sole.

This is a really nice version of the casual rope sandal design with more support and better design notes. This sandal will hold up to your daily wear, looks great with any kind of outfit, and can be worn in the water and the sand. You will love how easy it is to slip this sandal onto your feet and how secure your feet will feel once they are on.

The casual rope and knots look is a really nice trendy look that you will not find in many sandals that have this much support and you will love the design notes that are classically inspired. This sandal offers really great design as well as cute and fun colors and other trendy design notes.

6. Merrell Women’s Fuschia Tarran Lattice II

trendy women’s sandals


This is a really cute and fun sandal that offers a quality nubuck leather upper and a nice synthetic sole that will hold up to outdoor use and hiking wear. This sandal is a fun color and there are lots of great styling notes that you will not find in other sandals with lightweight straps like this.

The Remember Me Foam footbed will be comfortable right out of the box and you will love how much adjustment there is in the heel straps and the long straps that run across the top of your feet. The nylon arch shank offers superior support without adding weight and you will love how much these sandals fit the curve of your feet.

This is a really nice sandal that offers waterproof materials that will not stain or break down over time. You will love how the color stays bright and new in appearance even after you have enjoyed wearing these sandals for all your active needs and fun adventures.

This is one of the trendiest and prettiest sandals around and you will love the fun colors that you can get this sandal in. This is a really comfortable sports sandal that is made to fit all shapes of the foot with ease. You will get a ton of adjustment options with the soft straps and you will love the protective softback to the heel strap.


The straps on this sandal are soft and stretchy and will follow all of your movements even if you are running or climbing. The soft EVA midsole is made for arch support and foot comfort without discomfort. The bottom of these sandals is made to be grippy and keep your footing firm even when you are on challenging terrain. You can wear these great sandals on a hike, out to dinner, or rafting if you want.

This is the perfect sandal to have in your closet for any use of that activity that you need to engage in while still being stylish and having fun with your sandals. You will not find a more attractive sandal in this category and the comfort that the Siena offers is amazing.

8. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal


This gorgeous sandal offers superior support for your feet at the same time as offering really fun loud colors and designs. This is a really nice blend of hiking sandals and sport sandals features and you will love how secure your feet feel in these sandals.

The Keen Newport Sandal offers a grippy rubber sole that will hold up to the toughest terrain without feeling stiff or like it is inhibiting your movements. You will enjoy the water-repellent materials that are still soft and supple in this pair of sandals. You will not have to worry about your sandals being damaged by hiking or rafting and then you can head out to dinner in these trendy sandals.

There are not many sandals on the market that are made to offer this much support while still being cute and fun in their styling. This is a really unique and fun pair of sandals that you will be happy you added to your closet.

These are really nice supportive sandals that offer a really great heel support option for those who struggle to get sandals that fit over their heel with comfort. This is a really cute and fun sandal that offers sport sandal comfort along with durable straps that will stretch to fit your foot with ease.


The Sloane is made with a unique center strap adjustment that makes sure that your sandals do not slip around while you are being active or going for long walks. This can make them a really nice fit for those with narrow feet or people who hate having straps running down the sides of their feet.

This sandal comes with a soft and supportive EVA midsole that will handle all of your comfort needs with ease as well as holding up to lots of wear and tear. This is a really nice sandal that holds up to all kinds of uses and still looks great.

10. Skechers On-The-Go 600 Sport Sandal

fashionable sandals for ladies


This is an adorable sandal that offers all the right support and fit features that will make your feet comfortable while you are walking, hiking, or heading out for a night of fun with friends. This sandal has a light synthetic sole and a supportive insole that guarantees support and comfort all day.

The straps are made of light and stretchy fabric that will conform to your feet with ease. You will love the responsive strap design and soft footbed support along with the cute colors and designs that you can get this sandal in. The straps adjust in many ways to make sure that your sandals will not slide around on your feet as well.

This is a really nice and simple design with retro styling notes that you will love adding to your closet. You will get the right balance of fit and function when you pick this sandal and you will love how many outfits you can match this cool sandal with.

11. MEGNYA Sport Sandals

trendy sandals for ladies

This is a really pretty sandal that offers the right support and comfort for hiking, walking, or even playing golf. This sandal comes in a variety of colors and you will love the clever design notes that are also used for support and comfort.

This is one of the most ergonomic and comfortable sandals on the market and you will love how flexible and supportive the lightweight sole is. These sandals will give you great heel support as well as solid and comfortable toe box support. You will never feel like these sandals are going to shift or slip when you are wearing them.

This is a really fun sandal that offers all the best styling notes of sports and hiking sandals while still hanging onto the delicate and stylish design that you are looking for.

12. Skechers Reggae-Irie Mon Sport Sandal

trendy sandals for ladies

This is a really nice sandal that offers all of the benefits of a sports sandal with fun styling notes that come in lots of great colors. The crisscross front toe ring straps help secure your foot so that it will not slip around when you are walking and climbing on tough terrain.

You will love the soft and flexible sole design that conforms to your feet right out of the box and the soft and highly—adjustable straps will secure your feet in comfort all day. This is a really nice blend of a lightweight sandal with the durable notes of a hiking sandal. You will be able to count on these sandals to handle your adventures and then do double-duty as your favorite sandals to wear out on the town.

This is a really affordable sandal for all of the adjustments that are offered on the straps and the quality materials. This sandal will not let you down if you have narrow or hard-to-fit feet and you will love that they feel broken in from the moment that you first put them on.

This sandal was named for the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii and it can hold up to any kind of outdoor escape that you might want to go on. You can wear this stylish sandal to fancy events, on hiking trips, or even when you head out to go kayaking.

This is a really adjustable sandal that comes with an EVA midsole that will cup your foot and hold it in place with comfort. The heel support is superior to many other styles on the market and you will love how secure your feet feel without the sense the straps are pressing down into your feet. There are not many other hiking sandals with the support that you can find in a sports sandal.

This is a really ergonomic sandal that can take care of all of your needs from active needs to styling demands. You will love this sandal and want to buy it in every color to match all of your favorite outfits.

14. Chaco Women’s Tulip Sandal

trendiest ladies sandals

This is a really nice minimalist sandal that offers quality construction, easy fit, and a comfortable and grippy midsole. This is a perfect sandal for those who enjoy leather sandals and want to still get the best support for their feet. The sole design offers the right styling for heel comfort and the soft and pliable leather ankle strap is easy to adjust.

The sandal is made from full-grain leather and you will love the EVA midsole. The non-marking sole is made of grippy material that will hold up to wear and tear with ease. The straps are lined for comfort and you will never experience chafing or blisters when you are wearing this sandal.

This sandal comes in many colors and you will love how gentle they are to your feet without sacrificing style and design notes. These sandals will take care of all of your activewear needs as well as your desire for sandals that will look great with any pair of jeans or your favorite dress.

15. Skechers Slim Slide Sandal

trendiest ladies sandals


This super cute sandal offers superior support despite being a slide. You will love the foam midsole that grips your feet gently and prevents the sandal from sliding off your feet when you are being active. The sandal is a lovely color with a fun strap design and you will love the crisscross toe strap.

The memory foam cushioning in this sandal is made to be durable and yet comfortable to your feet. You will love the arch support as well as the heel position that this sole offers as well. The straps are made of soft mesh and they are lined with sportswear material for waterproofing as well as protection from rubbing and chafing.

The vamp straps offer up fun design notes as well as superior comfort over the top of your feet. You will not find a cuter pair of slides and you will not find a pair of slides that are more comfortable or secure on your feet either. This is the right blend of slip-on shoe design and sport sandal comfort.

16. DREAM PAIRS Hiking Sandals

trendiest ladies sandals


This clever sandal offers fun styling and perfect toe cap protection to keep your feet secure as you are active and enjoy your favorite adventures. This sandal comes in many colors and the soft and durable heel support will make sure that your foot is secure without any risk of blisters or discomfort.

This sandal offers the benefits of a sports shoe as well as the styling notes of a sandal and you will love the durable and waterproof soles as well as the soft and secure straps. The materials of this sandal are made with a quick-dry material that will prevent damage to the sandal and clammy feet after you have been hiking in tough terrain.

The soles on this pair of sandals are as soft and durable as a sneaker and you will be happy that you have this added support if you are going to be hiking or walking long distances. This is a really stylish and fun sandal that offers all the right styling notes as well as the right comfort for your needs.

The Top Trendy Sandals Can be Comfortable and Durable as Well


Being able to pick the right trendy sandals for your comfort doesn’t have to be hard. You should always be sure that you know exactly what size your feet are and what your arch and heel support needs are before you start shopping. There are many styles of trendy and comfortable sandals and you can make sure that you get the right one for your needs if you are sure about your sizing needs.

Each of the sandals on this list will take care of your needs for comfortable, durable, and supportive footwear. You can be comfortable in these sandals when you are hiking or playing sports and you will love that they are still trendy and stylish at the same time.

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