Hiking in Sandals

Can You Hike in Sandals?

Picture this: it’s the middle of July and it’s hot outside. Really hot. You’ve got an exciting date with a mountain but the idea of drowning your sweating feet in socks and heavy boots isn’t exactly your idea of fun. So, what can you do?

Fortunately, there are options out there that allow you to explore the great outdoors, without having to cram your feet into hiking boots. Stick around and we’ll show you how!

Why the type of sandal matters

There are many sandal types and most would not be appropriate for the trails. Wedge sandals? Nope! How about those cute flat sandals you purchased a few weeks ago? Sorry, but no again.

If you’re looking to leave your heavy boots at home and hike in sandals instead, the last thing you want is for your sandals to rub against your skin raw and cause painful blisters. Or worse, sandals that don’t provide the traction and support you need on those more unstable surfaces. Instead, you need to choose a pair that’s specifically designed for hiking and enduring long walks.

Enter sport sandals. Sport sandals have been designed specifically for hiking and can withstand long walks across dirt, rocks and other terrains. Hiking sandals can also allow you to carry heavier loads. These sandals are designed to provide you with better grip and traction, thus making them safer and more comfortable for use on rocky pathways.

woman  in camping tent with sport sandals

When you are searching for an athletic sandal, here’s what to look out for:

  • Outsole: The outsole is the bottom layer of a sandal. Hiking sandals usually have a durable outsole made from rubber that’s both ergonomic and designed specifically for effective traction. High-quality rubber will ensure your sandals grip even the slipperiest of surfaces.
  • Adjustable straps: Hiking sandals should fit your feet perfectly. They should provide enough room to allow your feet to expand while walking, but tight enough to ensure you have enough support. One way of getting that perfect fit is through adjustable straps. Adjustable straps are a great way customize the sandal to your foot width, whether you have narrow or wide feet.
  • Arch support: Have you ever gone for a walk in a flat pair of shoes? It’s not exactly comfortable. Hiking sandals contain excellent arch support making long journeys easier than ever.
  • Material: Walking sandals come in various upper materials but it’s best to have a pair that is water resistant. Water-resistant materials repels water and prevents it from entering the material, causing it to break down faster. Also the material should be durable enough to last you years of adventures.
woman hiking on rocks in hiking sandals

When looking for a pair of hiking sandals, make sure you pick a pair that fits your unique foot. They should fit almost like a hand in a glove. Also take note of how thick the midsole is and whether there’s enough arch support to help you through a long journey ahead. Our Cortona Sport Sandals, for example have adjustable straps to ensure you get a customized fit every time, making those difficult steps and maneuvers stress-free. They also come with a renowned thick EVA foam midsole perfect for long walks - an absolute must for any hike.

Finally, for those more daring adventures, make sure your ankle has adequate support. Otherwise you will be putting too much stress on your ankles and feet. Solid ankle support will also help prevent sprained ankles and falls should you catch an uneven path. That’s why it’s so important to opt for an athletic sandal with heel support such as our Napali Sandals or Acadia Sandals.  

Is hiking in sandals bad for your feet?

While the idea of putting your boots away for good may sound appealing, will ditching them for hiking sandals harm your feet? The good news is that wearing hiking sandals is as natural for your feet as hiking boots. If anything, a good pair of hiking sandals will improve air circulation to your feet and will reduce common issues like wet feet, blisters, and fungal infections. Yuck!

Water and Hiking

Whether you’re hiking in the rain or going on a trail with rivers involved, the last thing you want to do is ruin your shoes. Hiking sandals are the perfect option, especially if they are designed with water-resistant materials. Water resistant materials not only can handle wet environments, but they also dry faster too. This is a much better alternative than walking around with damp socks all day.

woman walking in river with water sandals

Hiking in sandals

So, there you have it! As long as you source the right pair, hiking in sandals is great option. If you’re looking for a new pair of sport sandals designed specifically for hiking, check out our hiking sandal collection today. They not only feel great on your feet but look cute, too!

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