Versatile Sandals For Women

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Authored by Adam Sherman

Everyone who loves a good sandal knows that some kinds of sandals are not meant for long walks over hard terrain while others are meant to be taken on and off easily at the beach, or for your next vacation. You probably have a whole closet full of sandals that are designed for a single purpose and fit that needs admirably.

However, if you are looking to wear a sandal in nice weather while you are going to be doing various activities, you might need to invest in a pair of sandals that are more versatile than the traditional flip flop or the usual walking or hiking sandal. What if you want to go to dinner at a nice restaurant and then go for a walk along the beach? You will need the right blend of sandal features to be able to do both activities with the same shoe.

Sandals Can Do it All These Days

If you have outgrown your traditional flip-flops and are tired of your saggy-baggy old hiking sandals, you might be thinking that you need to replace both of them with new sandals. But what if you could get one pair of sandals that would take care of all of your needs! What if you did not have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for practicality?

If you are ready to learn more about the features that make sandals more versatile, read on!

Features that Make Sandals More Versatile


While you might not be able to get all of the features in one sandal that you could want, you can certainly start looking for sandals that offer the best of many different options. These sandals are out there and they can make it possible for you to get rid of all the sandals in your closet that were purchased to match a single outfit or to be used for a single kind of activity. No more wearing flip flops to hike outside, or having to decide if those sandals with the heels are practical for going shopping.

Versatile sandals are becoming more common and it is easier to find sandals that are intended for daily wear these days. You don’t have to feel like your sandals are just for when you don’t want to walk barefoot over the uncomfortable ground. Versatile sandals are actually just like tennis shoes or hiking shoes these days, or they can be focused more on daily wear.

If you are ready to upgrade your sandals to a more versatile pair that will be suitable for lots of different kinds of activities, there is no time like the present! Here are the features that you should think about looking for if you are trying to find a sandal that can be used for many different kinds of activities.

1. Sandals with Chic Styling

Just because a sandal is comfortable and durable does not mean it has to be basic-looking. You can find sandals that offer chic styling options while also being sturdy enough to go for a long walk or a hike. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for attractive styling and you should not have to give up attractive styling options for durability.

There are so many quality synthetic materials that are made to be durable, colorful, and strong these days, that buying boring sandals is just silly. You can get unique and attractive styling in any kind of shoe anymore, and sandals are no different.

The Acadia Sandal is the perfect fit for your needs if you want a pretty sandal that can hold up to water, miles of walking, and that will also look great under a skirt or pair of cute shorts. You won’t have to choose between styling and comfort with this shoe.


The customized fit that is offered by the carefully constructed straps makes them feel like they are broken in perfectly from the first time that you wear them. There is no pair of heels that you could ever say that about and not many sandals will offer you the comfort that the Samara Sandal does from day one.

2. Hiking Comfort Without Bulk

Hiking sandals have been around for a while, but most of them are designed to be sturdy and solid. This means that they tend to be heavy and to have a breaking-in period that can take anywhere from a few weeks to some months. While this might be necessary if you are a diehard hiker with plans to wear the same pair of sandals for the rest of the next year, there are better options out there to provide durability and practicality without bulk.

The Napali Hiking Sandal offers the perfect blend of durable toughness balances against attractive styling and a much less bulky profile. These sandals will never look harsh or aggressive and the soft and carefully designed straps will never rub or chafe. No more breaking in sandals for weeks at a time with the Napali Hiking Sandal!


Best of all, the superior arch support is perfect for those who have high arches and still want to be able to enjoy a long hike. There are not many other sandals on the market that are made for hiking with internal comfort in mind. Being able to offer up a soft foam midsole and the customized fit technology that Viakix is famous for makes this hiking sandal an easy choice if you want a durable sandal that will not need a long breaking in period.

3. Sports Sandals That Are Tough Enough for the Trails and Your Suitcase

If you love a sports sandal, you already know that you enjoy the lightweight tennis-shoe-inspired feeling of these kinds of sandals. They are made with stylish comfort in mind, and they are like your favorite sneakers without fully enclosing your foot.

Sports sandals are sometimes too lightweight to hold up to hiking and other activities on the trail, but the Siena Sports Sandal is able to do it all. Combine the sleek and sporty look of this sandal with the sturdy yet flexible sole, and you have a recipe for the perfect sandal to use on trails, at the beach, or on your next travel trip.


Backed by the strap technology that makes Viakix sandals so comfortable from the first time that you wear them, the Siena Sports Sandal will deliver you the lightweight comfort that you love.

They also offer up the toughness to handle some hiking or long days of walking over rough surfaces. Take these sandals to town to run your errands, or wear them on your next hike. Best of all, the Siena comes in cute styles and patterns that are dressy enough for going out to eat or for pairing with your favorite skirt.

4. Versatile Sandals for Travel

Let’s face it, some sports sandals seem to be made with nothing but the look of the styling in mind. This can lead to ill-fitting straps that cause blisters or that stretch out after a few uses. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a sandal only to have it become uncomfortable to wear right away.

The Cortona Sandal will never let you down with regards to comfort or styling, and this stylish sport sandal will hold up to hours of walking, without any change in the fit. You will not have to worry about getting these sandals wet, nor will you need to prepare for blisters on your feet. All Viakix sandals fit like a glove right out of the box!


The Cortona Sport Sandal comes backed with the Viakix promise for superior fit and superior comfort and also offers up the added benefit of being stylish and practical without sacrificing durability. This sandal is a great blend of cute styling, comfortable straps, and durability that you would struggle to find anywhere else.

5. Classic Styling with Upgraded Materials

If you love a classically designed hiking sandal but are sick of the clunkiness of old-fashioned designs and the tough, scratchy materials of hiking sandals of yesteryear, the Sloane Walking Sandal is for you! There is nothing old-fashioned about the materials that were used to make this sandal, and the comfort of this model is hard to beat!

Thick EVA foam midsoles make this sandal like walking on a cloud, even when you are hiking over rocks, or navigating tough stretches of trail. You will never have hot or sweaty feet when you wear the Sloane, and the high-tech materials will hold up to water, mud, dust, and even some sweat. Simply rinse off your sandals at the end of a long hike and they will be ready for new adventures as soon as they dry.


This is a great and very versatile walking sandal that can handle hiking and the challenges that often face a sport sandal, all while looking great! The custom-sizing functionality of the straps will make sure that your sandals fit perfectly from the first time that you put them on, and you will love the lack of scratchy Velcro and weird, rigid plastic.

No more uncomfortable sandals that are made with old-fashioned styling cues and basic materials! The Sloane offers you the chance for superior comfort without sacrificing high-tech materials and fit.

Materials to Avoid When Shopping For Versatile Sandals

If you are thinking of getting new sandals but you want to be sure that they are versatile as well as comfortable, there are some fabrics that you should avoid. These fabrics and materials can make a sandal less durable, or it might make them less comfortable. You want to make sure that you are buying a quality product for any kind of wear.

Avoid leather because it stains easily, is hot, and takes a while to break in. There is nothing worse than a leather sandal after being on bare feet for a few days! You will quickly realize that these sandals will get smelly and stained right off and by the time they get comfortable, they will be so worn out they will need to be replaced.

Another material that you should avoid is cheap rayon fabrics. These fabrics also get quite hot on your feet and they can rub and they can cause friction burns and blisters. Rayon also does not have a long shelf-life and is prone to tears. Rayon might look pretty for the first few days, but after that, it will likely look worn out.

Rubber soles are perfectly all right so long as the rubber surface is not in contact with your bare feet, Rubber can get hot under your skin and cause huge blisters if you are walking on it for a long time. It also tends to have an unpleasant smell when it is warmed up, which can lead to a really unfortunate experience with your sandals if you wear them for hiking or other activities that require exertion.

Lastly, avoid oversized Velcro on your sandals. While this makes the straps stay on even when they are challenged by branches on the trail, too large Velcro can be quite stiff and it will likely rub your ankles and the top of your feet raw.

Bulky Velcro also tends to attract unwanted items like plant debris, burrs, and other kinds of items that can actually injure your feet if you are walking for a long distance with them against your skin. Look for strap closures that streamlined Velcro and buckles that will allow you to get the comfiest fit possible.

Versatile Sandals Are Attainable


You should never settle for sandals that do not do all of the things that you want them to do. If you are tired of settling for sandals that only look pretty but are not comfortable, or you want to have an active sandal that still looks good with your favorite skirt, you can have all of those things and more with Viakix sandals. There is no need to settle for sandals that you don’t love!

Comfortable, durable, and attractive sandals are not some kind of mythical item! You can have them all if you buy quality sandals that are made for many different kinds of wear!

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