Wearing Sandals With Socks

Authored by Adam Sherman

Socks & Sandals - Faux Pas or Bold Fashion Statement?

Think of the unspoken fashion rules you grew up with. Don’t wear white after Labor Day. Pairing navy and black is a huge no-no. And most of all, don’t you dare wear socks with sandals! But while many of us have felt confined by these so-called rules that someone, somewhere made up, more and more people are beginning to break these constructs with style.

While you may see white being rocked in the thick of winter or denim on denim being worn by your favorite celebrity, there remains one fashion question that has divided opinions across the US - is it ever okay to wear socks with sandals?

Wearing fashionable sandals is an ultra-comfortable way to let your feet breathe in style. Not only do they feel great on your feet, but sport sandals are perfect for exploring the great outdoors. But with summer ending, many people are left wondering if they can still whip out their favorite sandals to wear when out and about - only this time, with socks.

The answer? It’s complicated.

Where does the socks and sandals debate come from?

Similar to the many other fashion rules that have been placed upon us without permission, have you ever wondered just where the socks and sandals debate originally started? Who decided that socks and sandals weren’t cool - and for what reason?

While no one knows when the debate truly started, most people are in agreement with why it started. The answer? Uncool dads.

“Uncool dads” are all about practicality. What happens when they want to wear their favorite sandals when out for a Saturday afternoon, but the temperature has dropped? Simple - add some socks into the mix.

wearing sandals and socks

Similar to cellphone holsters that were once remarked by youngsters as “lame”, socks and sandals quickly followed suit. This interesting combination was seen as strange and very uncool in Western society. But these feelings weren’t necessarily reflected by other countries around the world.

How are socks and sandals viewed in other countries?

Interestingly enough, wearing socks with sandals is considered to be a professional courtesy in countries like India. Especially if your feet could use a little TLC. Historically speaking, it’s said that wearing socks and sandals together has been around for thousands of years - with Ancient Egyptians and Romans wearing them in their day-to-day life. Pretty crazy, right?

While wearing socks and sandals isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, how do people feel about them today? Do they still give off “lame dad” vibes?

Socks and sandals today

Fashion trends are unpredictable. And so are things that magically come back in style. From ill-fitting mom jeans to scrunchies, this year is all about embracing “normcore” aka styles that are all about normality. And socks and sandals are included in the trend! Just when you thought you’d never see the day.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the latest celebs who have donned socks and sandals as a modern-day fashion statement. Kanye West. Justin Bieber. David Beckham. Whether you love them or hate them, these celebrities are known for their fashion game. And if they say socks and sandals are “in”, then most people follow suit.

Socks and sandals are not only widely accepted nowadays, but they’re seen as a bold and cool fashion choice. Oh, how the tables have turned!

But why do people insist on wearing them?

Still not on board with the whole trend? That’s okay - understandably it’s difficult to come around to things that were once deemed as a serious faux pas. But the question remains - have you actually tried it? They say once you do, it’s hard to go back for the following reasons.


While most people aren’t fans of wearing socks and sandals on a boiling hot summer day, there is a place for this combination in the colder months. Why? Because it’s comfortable!

Sure, socks and sandals are now seen as a bold fashion move. But most people actually wear them because it’s cozy on their feet. Socks help prevent your feet from rubbing against the sandal and also prevent painful blisters. Socks can also provide a bit of extra softness and cushion for your feet to enjoy on long walks or just when nipping to the store.


Let’s face it, not everyone is confident showing off their bare feet. Whether they suffer from fungal problems or smell, socks can help protect against common issues that are seen as unhygienic with ease.

Shock value

Wearing socks and sandals is a great way to get a conversation going. If you’re someone who likes to shock people with your fashion choices, then wearing socks and sandals is a great way to get people's juices going.

How should you wear socks and sandals?

The first thing you want to do is buy a pair of sandals that don’t have a toe loop. While you can definitely try to make toe loops and socks happen, it usually ends up being uncomfortable and weird.

The next thing you want to do is make sure your sandals can easily be adjusted to accommodate times when you want to wear socks. Just because you may want to wear socks in November doesn’t mean you’ll want to wear them in July. It’s best to seek out sandals with wide widths just to make sure your feet have enough room without feeling squished.

Lastly, rock your newfound look with confidence! Sure, you may get a few comments here and there, but if you like how it looks, it feels comfortable and you’re not sure how you ever lived without the combination, then what’s the problem? Confidence is everything when it comes to fashion choices - especially one that is known to divide opinions.

So, are socks and sandals okay?

As of right now, wearing socks with sandals is more than okay. It’s seen as fashionable! While some people may be sticklers for original fashion rules, others will compliment you on your willingness to step outside the box and wear what you like. But remember. Wearing socks with uncomfortable sandals is a sure way to cause your runners some serious harm. So make sure you invest in ultra-comfortable sandals that not only look cute but feel great, too. Browse our complete collection of athletic and cute sandals by visiting our website today.

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