Best Shoes and Sandals for Disney

The Best 8 Shoes For Your Next Trip to Disney

Authored by Adam Sherman

When planning a trip to Disney, many of us start with making a list of things to pack. Sunscreen for those scorching summer days at the park? Check. A backpack filled with all of your essentials for the day? Check. However, have you considered what the best shoes for your trip to Disney could be? Shoes are something we usually overlook when we’re packing. However, bringing the wrong pair of shoes can lead to tired feet and can eventually ruin your trip.

Don’t let your day of family-fun be ruined by aching feet! From walking long distances to standing for hours in line, the wrong type of shoe can turn your amazing vacation into a nightmare. To assist you in selecting the right shoes for your upcoming trip, we’ve listed below our picks for the 8 best shoes for your next trip to Disney.

What Makes a Good Walking Shoe For Disney


When it comes to selecting the best shoe for a day or even a week-long trip to Disney, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best shoe for you. While everyone is different and will have unique interests in what shoe will best fit them, we have compiled a list of some of the top best-selling and amusement park appropriate shoes.

Lightweight Design

In the magic-filled world of Disney, you're likely to spend the better part of your day on foot, be it sauntering through charmingly themed lands, standing in line for the beloved attractions, or chasing after your favorite characters for that perfect picture. This is why having a lightweight sandal becomes absolutely essential. A heavy shoe can quickly turn your enjoyable adventure into an exhausting ordeal, putting unnecessary strain on your feet and making you weary sooner. Lightweight sandals, on the other hand, reduce the effort of each step, allowing you to comfortably traverse the vast expanses of the park. Additionally, they make packing easier, occupying less space and weight in your luggage. So, with a lightweight sandal, not only do you get to enjoy your magical Disney escapade longer and with greater comfort, but you also travel smarter and lighter!

Room to Breathe

Nothing is worse than sweaty and smelly feet at the end of an particularly hot day at Disney, don’t you think? By choosing a shoe with an open-toe style, you’ll allow your feet plenty of room to breathe and minimize smelly feet odors.

Avoid Wearing New Shoes to Disney

We recommend that you avoid wearing a brand-new pair of shoes when travelling to Disney and amusement parks in general. Indeed, brand-new shoes might cause blisters and you’ll most likely have to cut your fantastic day short due to tired feet, exhaustion and frustration.

Instead, opt for a more broken-in pair of shoes that you can rely on. When buying a new pair of shoes for Disney, allow for enough time to break them in. Ideally you want to purchase them a week or two before the trip. This will leave your feet plenty of time to get used to the new shoes and most importantly save you a lot of trouble and hassle further down the track.

Overall Comfort

As discussed, comfort should come first when choosing the best shoe for Disney. You’re almost certain to be walking long distances during your trip and your shoe should offer enough support and comfort to keep you walking throughout the day.


Think forward and plan for the future! It’d be a shame to purchase a pair of shoes that you’ll only ever wear at Disney. After all, why not invest in a great versatile pair so that you can reuse?

We’d recommend you pick a shoe made with high-quality and durable materials that you know will last you for a while. Whether you decide to wear them every day or plan to make a return trip to Disney soon, it’s great to be able to trust that your shoes will outstand the wear and tear associated with long-term use.

Water-Resistant Shoes are a Must for the Parks


Always wanted to try the Grizzly River ride? Super stoked to be able to finally get into Splash Mountain?

Don’t let your shoes ruin your dopamine hit afterward! Going to Disney is such a wonderful experience, you’ll want to make the most of it. Walking around with soggy feet for hours might be extremely annoying, frustrating and can even lead to fungus or other foot-related conditions. Even though you’re not planning to get wet, make sure you pick a pair of comfortable and waterproof shoes for your next trip to Disney.

As with any outdoor activities, the weather can be unpredictable so you’ll want to choose a pair of shoes that drains off water and dries quickly in case you get caught in the rain. That way your feet will stay dry for the rest of the day and you’ll be able to continue your fantastic adventure indoors without having squeaky feet 😉

However, you’re almost guaranteed to be walking long distances throughout the day on a very flat concrete surface. If stylish shoes are a nice to have, comfortable shoes are a must have when organizing a trip to Disney. Standing in line for hours on hard concrete floors will undeniably have a negative impact on your feet and on your body.

As you stand on concrete, strains are put on your joints, heels and lower limbs and your feet get tired affecting your posture and leading to tired feet. Therefore, your shoes should offer enough support so that they help reduce the strain on your back, your joints and your feet. Good absorption and cushioning as well as great arch support are criteria to look for when choosing the pair of shoes you’re going to wear at Disney. Comfort is key as comfortable shoes will keep you walking all day long.

Know your foot:

That’s a fact; most of us have 10 toes and 2 heels. Apart from this though, we all have different feet in terms of shape or arch. The best way to determine what type of feet you have is to dip your feet in water and step on a piece of brown paper. This will allow you, depending on the footprint, to determine what type of feet you have. You can either have:

  • Flat foot: If you have flat feet, it means you don’t have any arch and your foot is perfectly aligned from heel to toe. If that’s the case, you’ll most likely need motion control shoes and shoes that promote stability.
  • High-arched foot (Cavus foot): You should be able to determine pretty easily whether you have high arches. If you do the ‘’wet test’’ your print will show no contact along the inside edge. People who have high-arched foot tend to not roll their foot inwards enough as they place their body weight on the outside of the foot. For this type of foot, the ideal pair of shoes will, therefore, feature a cushioned and highly absorbing flexible insole.
  • Neutral foot: If you do the ‘’wet test’’ and your foot does not seem to have high-arches or to be completely flat, then you most likely have neutral feet. This means you can pretty much choose any type of shoes for your Disney trip provided that they don’t offer to much stability or motion control.

The Best Shoes and Sandals for Disney

The Siena Sandal

Striding into the enchanting world of Disney, you need footwear that effortlessly marries comfort, style, and durability. Meet the Viakix Siena Sandal, an ideal companion for a woman who wants to indulge in the magic of Disney without fretting over fatigued feet. Exuding a perfect blend of elegance and practicality, the Siena Sandal is more than just a trendy addition to your vacation wardrobe. Its unique design, complemented by an array of stunning colors, effortlessly matches any outfit, ensuring that you don't compromise on your style statement while exploring the Magic Kingdom.


Beyond style, what truly sets the Viakix Siena Sandal apart is its unparalleled commitment to comfort, a crucial consideration for any Disney traveler. Built with an ergonomic outsole, this sandal guarantees outstanding arch support, reducing strain on your feet during those long hours of joyous exploration. The adjustable straps allow for a personalized fit, catering to various foot shapes and sizes, while the quick-dry webbing keeps you worry-free, be it during the spontaneous Splash Mountain rides or unexpected Florida showers. The Siena Sandal is designed to be airy and breathable, making sure your feet stay fresh and comfortable, even after a day filled with walking, hopping from one attraction to the next. So, as you embark on your Disney adventure, let the Viakix Siena Sandal carry you with ease, blending both comfort and style, turning your magical journey into a fairytale experience.

The Napali Hiking Sandal For Women

There are many fun things to do and amazing spots to explore at a Disney. Unfortunately for some, aching feet often prove to be a real issue at the end of a long day, unless they’re wearing shoes with the appropriate amount of comfort and support.

The Napali Hiking Sandal offers supreme comfort with a fashionable design and customizable fit. With an included cushioned EVA foam midsole, this sandal provides ergonomic arch support that reduces the risk of tired feet later on. This feature also means that the Napali Hiking Sandals will help absorb impact with each step.

Whether you walk a mile or see the entire park in one day, these sandals will leave your feet feeling refreshed. And at a great price, these sandals won’t leave you broke!

The customization features in the design of this sandal also means a proper fit that is snug and comfortable. With adjustable straps on the front, the Napali Hiking Sandal ensures the right amount of space with different width options.


The Napali Hiking Sandals also possess an incredibly lightweight design which means they’re easy to store in your suitcase on your way t Disney.

The shoe also includes quick-drying webbing designed to ensure a water-ready sandal. This will prove particularly handy when it comes to Disney’s exciting water rides.

You can finally take part in the splash without fear of spending the rest of the day in uncomfortable, water-soaked shoes. Many people choose to wear tennis shoes to Disney and while they are a reasonable option, many park-goers end up regretting their choice as they’re forced to spend the rest of the day in soggy squeaking shoes.

The Samara Walking Sandal For Women

The Samara Walking Sandal is one of the more stylish and fashionable walking sandals on the market. In a world where the most comfortable shoes tend to be visually unappealing, the Samara Walking Sandal stands apart.

Similar to the Napali Hiking Sandal, these sandals offer a great amount of customizability that equals comfort and optimal support. With elastic webbing that can stretch far enough to accommodate any foot size, the The Samara Walking Sandal means a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Excellent arch support is also promoted by an EVA foam midsole and the sandals are great at absorbing stress and shocks.


You can rely on the Samara Walking Sandal to last you a long time as they’re made with high-quality materials. As a sandal designed with a focus on walking and hiking, the Samara Walking Sandal is considered an athletic sandal.

Whether you wear them all day or just for special occasions requiring added comfort such as intense physical activity, this sandal will keep their original shape and level of support.

These sandals are, also, water-ready so that you don’t have to feel like you’re left behind while your friends and family enjoy water rides. Whether you take the plunge at Splash Mountain or just need added breathability when your feet begin to sweat, the Samara Walking Sandal is a great shoe for Disney, and retails at great price at around $49.

The Acadia Sandal

It is particularly important that you invest in a good pair of sandals if visiting Disney in a hotter area like Florida for example. As we previously discussed, a good, open pair of sandals can reduce the odor and discomfort created by the excessive sweating after a long day at Disney.

These best-selling sandals are highly rated by customers for their performance and usefulness in a wide variety of settings. When it comes to your trip to Disney, this sandal is unlikely to disappoint. With a customizable fit created by the inclusion of a metatomical strap design and secure fit lacing system, the Acadia sandal is designed to fit feet of all shapes and sizes comfortably.


Impressively, these shoes are also incredibly easy to maintain. With the inclusion of polyester webbing, this shoe is completely machine washable. The convenience of keeping your shoes clean after prolonged use is a feature absent in many all-day walking shoes. When you’re vacationing at Disney, you don’t want to have to worry about keeping your shoes clean and odorless- after all you’re there to enjoy the park! At the end of the day, simply throw your sandals in the washing with no hassle.

These sandals are also highly versatile and a great option for any type of terrain and weather. If you are unfortunate enough to visit Disney on a particularly rainy day, you’ll be happy to have a shoe with the Acadia sandal’s durable outsole grips. The last thing you want to worry about is slipping and sliding on wet surfaces and risking injury as you enjoy the park. Whether walking in a dry or wet environment, this sandal will grip and offer you an extra sense of balance.

The Cortona Sandal

Introducing the Viakix Cortona Sandal, a chic and practical choice for the stylish woman ready to explore the wonders of Disney. With its single strap design, the Cortona Sandal offers a minimalist aesthetic, making it a versatile piece in any vacation wardrobe. Its trendy look, available in a variety of colors, easily complements your Disney day-out ensembles, ensuring you remain a fashionista even on the busiest park days.


But style doesn't come at the cost of comfort with the Cortona Sandal. Similar to its cousin, the Siena, the Cortona is loaded with features to keep your feet cozy and comfortable during your Disney adventures. Its ergonomic outsole ensures excellent arch support to help alleviate foot fatigue from those enjoyable, yet long, walks through Disney's enchanting landscapes. The sandal's one strap is fully adjustable, offering a personalized, secure fit for different foot types. Moreover, the quick-drying webbing proves invaluable during those thrilling water rides or unexpected showers. This one-strap wonder offers excellent breathability, ensuring that your feet remain fresh and comfy all day long. In the Cortona Sandal, you're promised not just a fashionable and functional sandal, but a trusted companion on your magical Disney journey.

Looking for some hints and tips for your trip to Disney?

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The Not So Great Shoe Options For a Trip to Disney

Now that we have offered you our list of eight shoes that we recommend for your trip to Disney, let’s talk about the shoes that you should avoid. Most of these shoes are common sense but we thought it would be a good idea to still point out shoes that you should never wear at Disney. Therefore, we have listed below a few shoe types that should be avoided at all costs. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

High Heels

You may be asking yourself, “Who on earth would want to wear high heels to Disney?”. Unfortunately, you would be surprised how many people show up to Disney (and any amusement park in general) with high heels.

Sure, high heels are stylish but they are not known for their support or comfort, especially not at Disney where it is nearly impossible to avoid walking long distances. Save the high heels for special occasions. Walking in high heels for an extended period of time will and will most likely create the formation of blisters. Indeed, high heels are a type of shoe that requires the wearer to bend their toes into an uncomfortable, unnatural position to fit inside the shoe.


If you weren’t already aware, Florida can actually have chilly temperatures Particularly during the months of January and February. If you’re visiting Disney World in Orlando, you might therefore be keen to wear shoes that will keep your feet warm like boots.

While boots will certainly keep your feet protected from cold, they can become irritating as you walk and the day progresses. They are also one of the worst types of shoes to wear if you’ll be getting on any of Disney’s water rides. While the chances that you’ll be interested in a water ride in colder temperatures is slim, you should still be prepared to protect your feet from discomfort.

Open-Toed Shoes That Don’t Offer Support

While we have suggested multiple open-toed shoes on our list of recommended shoes for Disney, it is important to avoid open-toed shoes that offer no support or proper fit. Many open-toed shoes that are not designed with walking or hiking in mind offer little support which will result in unnecessary tired feet and discomfort.

Open-toed shoes that are completely open and can easily slide off because of lack of laces or adjustable straps to secure them to your feet. This causes an increased risk of getting on a ride where your shoes can slip off and be lost. For this reason, Disney parks even recommend avoiding shoes like flip flops and most sandals. Just imagine losing your shoes on a trip to Disney! Try and avoid putting yourself in this situation by not going to the park wearing flip-flops.

Brand New Shoes

As we mentioned very briefly earlier in this post, brand new shoes should be avoided at all costs. Even when shoes are supposed to offer a valuable amount of support and comfort for a long day of walking, brand new shoes can produce discomfort and even blisters.

While this is certainly less likely in the shoes we’ve recommended on this list by design, you should strive to choose a shoe for Disney well in advance of your trip. This will give you an adequate amount of time to break them in and get a sense of how comfortable your chosen shoe will provide at the park.

Don’t let the rush to buy a pair of walking shoes the day before your visit ruin your fun trip and prevent you from experiencing everything that Disney has to offer.

Take the Necessary Steps to Find the Best Shoes For Disney

While you’re getting everything together for your trip to Disney, don’t treat finding the best shoes for your visit as an afterthought. While your shoe selection may be the last thing on your mind, not carefully selecting the right pair of shoes can prove a mistake.

A vacation to a Disney park is the experience of a lifetime for park-goers of all ages. Don’t let your family’s trip be ruined by blisters that may keep you from having fun and enjoying yourself with your family and friends. We recommend that you use our list as a guide and do your own research to find the best shoe for you.

Once you find the perfect shoes, oack your park bag and experience the magic! Check out our handy park bag packing list for everything you need to fully enjoy all that Disney has to offer!

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    There’s no place where it’s more important to have comfortable walking shoes. Disney is HUGE and you really will have to spend at least an entire day walking around in order to see everything. There’s also multiple parks in Disney so that’s more like a week’s worth of walking. Get. Comfortable. Walking. Shoes. Believe me.

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    I have my own pair of the New Balance Crosstrainers and they’re probably some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Definitely agree with this.

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    Wow, I’ve never really considered sandals being a better choice for Disney than a running shoe. I can definitely see the benefits of sandals now though. Who doesn’t hate getting soaked on Splash Mountain only to have to walk around the park all day with wet shoes? These sandals are cute and some of them even resemble sneakers. Thanks for the suggestions!

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