Best Shoes for Disney

The Best 7 Shoes For Your Next Trip to Disney

When planning a trip to Disney, many of us start with making a list of things to pack. Sunscreen for those especially hot days at the park? Check. A backpack filled with all of the necessary items for the day? Check. But have you considered the best shoes for your trip to Disney?

Don’t let your day of family-fun be ruined by aching feet! From walking long distances to standing for hours in line, the wrong type of shoe can spell trouble. Here are our picks for the 7 best shoes for your next trip to Disney.

What Makes a Good Walking Shoe For Disney

When it comes to selecting the best shoe for a day or even a week-long trip to Disney, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best shoe for you. While everyone is different and will have unique interests in what shoe will best fit them, we have compiled a list of some of the most best-selling and amusement park appropriate shoes.


Take a look at our list of recommended shoes (and shoes to avoid by all costs) and use it as a guide to help you make the right choice.

Lightweight Design

You don’t want to be packing for Disney only to find that your bulky sneakers take up too much space. Depending on the duration of your trip to Disney, you could have a lot of things to pack. While shoes are an important part of your planning, they shouldn’t interfere with the space allowed for all of the other items you’ll need for your trip.


A shoe with a lightweight design will be best for transport and take up a smaller amount of space than the shoe type that most people choose for Disney- tennis shoes.

Room to Breathe

There are few things worse than sweaty and smelly feet at the end of an especially hot day at Disney. By choosing a shoe with an open-toe style, you allow your feet plenty of room to breathe.

Newer Isn’t Necessarily Better

We recommend that you avoid a brand new pair of shoes when it comes to Disney and amusement parks in general. When you end up with blisters, there is a great chance you’ll have to cut the day short out of an inability to walk without pain.

Instead, opt for a more broken-in pair of shoes that you can have confidence in. Upon buying a new pair of shoes for Disney, allow yourself enough time to break them in for up to a week before the trip. This will mean that you can be accustomed to their feet and feel and save yourself a lot of trouble later on.

Overall Comfort

As we’ve discussed, comfort should be placed above all else when choosing the best shoe for Disney. It is a near guarantee that you will be walking extensive distances during the day and your shoe should offer enough support and comfort to keep you walking throughout the day.


Think forward and plan for the future! It would be a waste of money to purchase a pair of shoes that you only ever plan to wear at Disney.

Instead, pick a shoe made with high-quality and durable materials that you can count on to last. Whether you decide to wear them every day or plan to make a return trip to Disney soon, it’s best to have confidence that your shoes can outstand the wear and tear associated with long-term use.

The Best Shoes and Sandals for Disney

1. The Samara Walking Sandal For Women


The Samara Walking Sandal is one of the more stylish walking sandals that money can buy. In a world where the most comfortable shoes tend to be visually unappealing, the Samara Walking Sandal stands apart.

Similarly to the Napali Hiking Sandal, these sandals offer a great amount of customizability that equals comfort and optimal support. With elastic webbing that can stretch far enough to accommodate any foot size, the Napali Hiking Sandal means a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Excellent arch support is also promoted by a EVA foam midsole and the sandal absorbs impact.


You can depend on the Samara Walking Sandal to last a long time due to the usage of high-quality materials. As a sandal crafted with a focus on walking and hiking, the Samara Walking Sandal is considered an athletic sandal.

Whether you wear them all day or for occasions that call for added comfort during vigorous physical activity, this sandal holds true to their original shape and level of support.

These sandals are, again, water-ready so that you don’t have to stand on the side while your friends and family enjoy water rides. Whether you take the plunge at Splash Mountain or just need added breathability when those feet begin to sweat, the Samara Walking Sandal is a great shoe for Disney, at a great price of around $49.

2. Sketchers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 A.C.D.

If you’re more of a sneaker fan, never fear! Sketchers offers a comfortable all day shoe that sets itself apart from most sneakers that claim to be good walking shoes.

While most tennis shoes offer little in the way of breathability, the Performance Go Walk 4 A.C.D’s have features that will help you cut down on that sweaty feet odor. This is due to the shoe’s bamboo inner soul and 100% knit mesh fabric. While this shoe isn’t recommended for contact with water, it is a viable option for the feet sweats.

For those interested in a walking shoe that is also style conscious, this Sketchers walking shoe comes in a variety of colors and textures. Wearers will also be pleased by the convenient pre-tied laces for easy on and off. For Disney rides that are best experienced with shoes off, this is an especially useful quality.

As an added plus, the Sketchers Performance Go Walk 4 A.C.D.’s are an especially good options for those suffering from existing back or leg pain. With an adequate amount of support from the cushioned inner sole and spacious width of the shoe, they are a great solution to easing pain and promoting better posture.

3. New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer


Let’s not leave out shoe options for the men out there! New Balance offers a great shoe for a Disney trip in the Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer sneaker.

This shoe is designed to last as it is crafted with high quality upper materials. The most impressive feature of this women’s sneaker lies in the inclusion of a memory foam insole. This is an important feature for an all-day shoe and this material forms and molds itself nicely around the wearer’s foot to offer the highest level of comfort.

It should be noted that some users have reported that the soles of this sneaker tend to wear out fairly quickly- especially with regular use. This is, however, fairly common of all-day sneakers and soles are relatively inexpensive to replace.

4. The Napali Hiking Sandal For Women

There is no end to things to do and explore at a Disney park. Unfortunately, many of us find our feet aching in pain at the end of a long day- unless you had shoes offering the appropriate amount of comfort and support.

The Napali Hiking Sandal offers supreme comfort with a fashionable design and customizable fit. With an included cushioned EVA foam midsole, provides ergonomic arch support that reduces the risk of foot pain later on. This features also mean that the Napali Hiking Sandals will absorb impact with each step.

Whether you walk a mile or see the entire park in one day, these sandals won’t leave you in pain. And at $49.99, these sandals won’t leave you broke!

The customization features in the design of this sandal also mean a proper fit that is snug yet comfortable. With adjustable straps on the front, the Napali Hiking Sandal ensures the right amount of space with different width options.


The Napali Hiking Sandals also possess an incredibly lightweight design which means easy storage in your suitcase upon your trip to Disney.

The shoe also includes quick-drying webbing crafted to ensure a water-ready sandal. This will be especially handy when it comes to Disney’s exciting water rides.

You can finally take part in the splash without fear of spending the rest of the day in uncomfortable, water soaked shoes. Many people choose to wear tennis shoes to Disney and while they are a reasonable option, many park-goers find themselves regretful once they’re forced to spend the rest of the day in soggy shoes.

5. Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe


Looking for a women’s walking shoe that is built for everything from daily casual use to lasting durability in athletic activity? Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe is an all-day shoe to consider for your trip to Disney.

This women’s shoe is crafted with performance grade leather and mesh materials that make them a breathable yet sturdy option. This shoe’s closed-cell foam tongue also protects the inside of the shoe from moisture build up.

Similarly to the first two products on our list, the Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe also includes the all-important EVA contoured footbed that supports your heel. This cushioned footbed also performs well in absorbing shock to protect your feet from those unnecessary aches and pains as you walk far distances at Disney.

Customers describe this shoe as extremely durable and firm yet surprisingly comfortable. With options including a narrow and wide size, you are sure to find the perfect fit depending on your foot shape and size. If you need a little extra room, there is an option for you around $64.00.

6. Keen Women’s Whisper Sandal


Let’s take the discussion back to walking sandals again. It is especially important that you invest in a good pair of sandals if visiting Disney in a hotter area like Florida for example. As we have discussed, a good, open pair of sandals can reduce the odor and discomfort created by the excessive sweating caused by a long day at Disney.

These best-selling sandals are highly rated by customers for their performance and usefulness in a wide variety of settings. When it comes to your trip to Disney, this shoe is unlikely to disappoint. With a customizable fit created by the inclusion of a metatomical strap design and secure fit lacing system, the Whisper sandal is designed to fit feet of all shapes and sizes comfortably.

Impressively, these shoes are also incredibly easy to maintain. With the inclusion of polyester webbing, this shoe is completely machine washable. The convenience of keeping your shoes clean after prolonged use is a feature absent in many all-day walking shoes. When you’re vacationing at Disney, you don’t want to have to worry about keeping your shoes clean and odorless- you’re there to enjoy the park! At the end of the day, simply throw your sandals in the wash with no hassle.

These sandals are also highly versatile and a great fit for any type of terrain and weather. If you have the misfortune of visiting Disney on a particularly rainy day, you’ll be happy to have a shoe with the Whisper Sandal’s durable outsole grips. The last thing you want to worry about is slipping and sliding on wet surfaces and risking injury as you enjoy the park. Whether walking in a dry or wet environment, this sandal will grip and offer you that extra sense of balance. You can generally pick up a pair for around $75.

7. Keen Women’s Newport H2 Sandal


Completing our list of the seven best shoes for your next trip to Disney, we have the Keen Women’s Newport H2 sandal.

This sandal is a good fit for those that lean more towards sneaker options due to their style but this shoe also has an open design that bring all the associated benefits of a sandal. While many walking sandals leave your feet completely exposed, the Newport H2 sandal comes complete with a closed toe design to offer toe protection. The Keen Newport H2 Sandal is also available in the widest variety of colors than any other shoe on our list with fourteen different colors and styles.

The Newport H2 sandal also has a compression-molded EVA midsole for comfort and impact absorption. Keen classifies this shoe as a “classic water shoe” as well as an all-day walking shoe. It is described as a water resistant shoe thanks to a PFC-free water repellency feature. This material is frequently used in the production of outdoor gear and is free of any chemicals thought to be cause of carcinogens.

The sandal also offers a significant amount of odor control with Cleansport NXT, a patented product using probiotic technology to mask the smell created by sweaty feet. This will also be especially helpful in reducing the risk of mildew build up if water manages to find it’s way into the only enclosed part of the shoe at the closed toe portion of the sandal.

Maintenance and upkeep is also incredibly easy in the Newport H2 sandal as it includes washable polyester webbing material. As an added plus (and an especially helpful feature for those with persistent back pain or other common issues associated with improper footwear) this sandal is anatomically engineered support the natural contours of your foot and provide arch support that makes the sandal extremely comfortable. If you’re looking for an all-day shoe that will give you maximum comfort, efficiency, and versatility, Keen’s Newport H2 sandal is definitely one to consider for your trip to Disney.  Currently priced around $98.00.

Looking for some hints and tips for your trip to Disney? Check out this video on 22 Disney Park secrets you should know before your trip:

The Not So Great Shoe Options For a Trip to Disney

Now that we have offered you our list of seven shoes that we recommend for your trip to Disney, let’s talk about the shoes that you should avoid. Most of these shoes are common sense but to further our point in case you are considering one of these types of shoes, we have a few shoe types that should be avoided by all costs. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

High Heels

You may be asking yourself, “Who would actually think wearing high heels to Disney would be a good idea?”. Unfortunately, you would be surprised how many people show up to Disney (and any amusement park in general) with high heels.

Sure, high heels are stylish but they are not known for their support or comfort- especially not at Disney where it is nearly impossible to avoid walking long distances. Save the high heels for special occasions. Walking in high heels for an extended period of time just screams pain and even the formation of blisters. There is also the risk of causing chronic back issues and even the formation of bunions. High heels are commonly a type of shoe that requires the wearer to bend their toes into an uncomfortable, unnatural position to fit inside the shoe. This can cause major harm to the foot and should be avoided- especially in regards to Disney.

Here are some of the most harmful effects of high heels provided by


If you weren’t already aware, there is a select period of time when Florida can actually have temperatures on the chillier side. This period of time is usually around the months of January and February and if you’re visiting Disney World in Orlando, you may be inclined to wear a shoe that will keep your feet warm like boots.

While boots will certainly keep your feet protected from the chillier temperatures, they can become irritating as you walk and the day progresses. They are also one of the worst types of shoes to wear if you’ll be getting on any of Disney’s water rides. While the chances that you’ll be interested in a water ride in colder temperatures is slim, you should still be prepared to protect your feet from discomfort.

Open-Toed Shoes That Don’t Offer Support

While we have suggested multiple open-toed shoes in our list of recommended shoes for Disney, it is important to avoid open-toed shoes that offer no support or proper fit. Many open-toed shoes that are not designed with walking or hiking in mind offer little support which will result in unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Open-toed shoes that are completely open and can easily slide off because of lack of laces or adjustable straps to secure them to your feet. This causes an increased risk of getting on a ride where your shoes can actually slip off and be lost. For this reason, Disney parks even recommend avoiding shoes like flip flops and most sandals. Just imagine losing your shoes on a trip to Disney! Don’t put yourself in this situation by going to the park wearing flip-flops.

Brand New Shoes

As we mention very briefly earlier in this post, brand new shoes should be avoided by all costs. Even in the case of shoes that are guaranteed to offer a valuable amount of support and comfort for a long day of walking, brand new shoes can produce discomfort and even blisters.

While this is certainly less likely in the shoes we’ve recommended on this list by design, you should make an effort to choose a shoe for Disney well in advance of your trip. This will give you an adequate amount of time to break them in and get a sense of how comfortable your chosen shoe will provide at the park.

Don’t let the rush to buy a pair of walking shoes the day before your visit ruin your day experiencing everything that Disney has to offer.

Take the Necessary Steps to Find the Best Shoes For Disney

While you’re getting everything together for your trip to Disney, don’t treat finding the best shoes for your visit as an afterthought. While your shoe selection may be the last thing on your mind, not taking consideration in your choice of shoe is a mistake. Make sure you don’t cause yourself the of experience unnecessary pain at Disney.

A vacation to a Disney park is the experience of a lifetime for park-goers of all ages. Don’t let your family’s trip be ruined by debilitating pain that may keep you from all the fun to be had. Use our list of recommendations as a guide and do your own research to find the best shoe for you.

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  • Amber On

    There’s no place where it’s more important to have comfortable walking shoes. Disney is HUGE and you really will have to spend at least an entire day walking around in order to see everything. There’s also multiple parks in Disney so that’s more like a week’s worth of walking. Get. Comfortable. Walking. Shoes. Believe me.

  • Leah On

    I have my own pair of the New Balance Crosstrainers and they’re probably some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Definitely agree with this.

  • Lauren Sampson On

    Wow, I’ve never really considered sandals being a better choice for Disney than a running shoe. I can definitely see the benefits of sandals now though. Who doesn’t hate getting soaked on Splash Mountain only to have to walk around the park all day with wet shoes? These sandals are cute and some of them even resemble sneakers. Thanks for the suggestions!

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