Buying the Best Womens Hiking Sandal

Authored by Adam Sherman

Buying the Best Womens Hiking Sandal

Hiking is a very rewarding activity that can take you to some awe-inspiring locations. It is a great way to improve your fitness, spend time with friends and family, and get in touch with nature.

If you want to make the most of your hiking adventures, it is important to use quality hiking equipment. This should include a high-quality backpack, water bottle, hat and most importantly — a well-made paid of outdoor sandals or hiking shoes.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at hiking sandals. We’ll offer some useful tips for choosing a pair of hiking sandals that is comfortable, durable, and will protect your feet.

The evolution of outdoor sandals
Outdoor sandals have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past decade. They are extremely durable sandals that are made to stand up to the tough outdoor conditions that you may encounter while hiking in the wilderness.

An outdoor sandal is very different to a pair of flip flops or a traditional pair of sandals. For starters, they are made from very durable synthetic materials or thick leather. These materials are as tough as what you will find on a pair of hiking boots. This makes the sandal puncture-resistant and capable of walking over sharp terrain.

Outdoor sandals will also have more traction than a traditional pair of sandals. This will help you stay on your feet if you are walking on wet rocks, mud, or leaf litter. Most outdoor sandals also have a slightly thicker sole than a traditional sandal, which makes them more comfortable to walk in over long distances and offers more protection for your feet.

Over the years, more companies have started making outdoor sandals for hiking. This has encouraged manufacturers to innovate and to create products of a higher quality. The types of products that are available has also increased with the introduction of water sandals, beach sandals, and athletic sandals. They are all great products and give consumers a lot of choice.

Outdoor sandals are perfect for many kinds of activities including:

Choosing the right pair of hiking sandals
Here are a few simple tips for finding a pair of hiking sandals that are comfortable, durable, and a pleasure to wear.

Look for hiking sandals with adjustable straps
Having multiple adjustable straps on your sandals can be a real lifesaver when hiking. They will allow you to change the fit of the sandal and relieve pressure on the parts of your feet that are feeling sore or swollen. Adjustable straps also allow you to wear socks with your sandals — which is useful when the weather turns cold or if your feet are beginning to feel a bit tender.

Consider shock resistance
Having a pair of outdoor sandals with excellent shock resistance is important as it cushions the impact from rough terrain. This allows you to hike further while remaining comfortable. Look for outdoor sandals that have an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or foam midsole that cushions the impact of each step. Outdoor sandals with good arch support and gel padding systems will also be more comfortable during long hikes.

Consider the sandal’s durability
Hiking sandals will be exposed to a lot of stress as you walk over rocks, trees roots, and other obstacles. They must be manufactured to a very high standard to survive these conditions. Look for outdoor sandals that are made from durable materials like rubber, leather and/or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Ideally, the sandal should be moulded so there is no chance of water entering it.

Consider water resistance
If you will be using outdoor hiking sandals in locations where there is a lot of water, consider purchasing sandals made from water resistant or hydrophobic materials. They will last longer in wet conditions and dry faster, which will keep you more comfortable.

Choose a pair of hiking sandals designed for your gender
Many people don’t realize that there are some significant differences between the feet of men and women. Women tend to have a wider forefoot and narrower heel compared to men. Most manufacturers design hiking sandals for men and market their sandals to women hoping to accommodate their wider forefoot and narrower heel. This is often why some women have a difficult time finding the perfect fit in hiking sandals. Products like the Napali hiking sandals for women feature a wider forefoot which makes them much easier to wear.

Get hiking sandals with plenty of traction
You will encounter many slippery surfaces while hiking, so it’s important to have footwear with excellent traction. Look for sandals that have thick tread that will retain traction in wet or muddy conditions. Rubber soles work best, but some synthetic materials will also provide you with an adequate level of grip.

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Do you need toe protection?
If you really take hiking seriously and spend time in very rugged locations, consider purchasing outdoor sandals with toe protection. They will be slightly heavier to walk in, but will keep your toes and toenails a bit safer during your next outdoor adventure.

Consider athletic sandals, water sandals or beach sandals
Unless you are going on a very long hike or walking over extremely rough terrain, you won’t always require a heavy-duty pair of outdoor hiking sandals. You might be able to use products branded as athletic sandals, water sandals or beach sandals instead:

Athletic sandalsAs the name suggests, athletic sandals are designed for playing sports, going on long walks and hiking. They resemble hiking sandals but are lighter in weight. They are a great choice if you are looking for a sandal that can handle most situations. There are many different styles of athletic sandals available including the .• Beach sandals• Water sandalsThanks for reading How to Choose the Perfect Hiking Sandals. For more articles on hiking sandals and other types of footwear, subscribe to our website or follow us on social media!

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