Our Mission to Give Back

When I decided to create a footwear company, I knew that I wanted to do more than just make great shoes for people to enjoy. I also wanted to help make the world a slightly better place. Giving back to those in need and caring for communities is central to the ethos of Viakix and I have made it a personal mission to make sure that my company helps improve the lives of people all around the world.

Between sustainable business practices and sustainable materials sourcing, I have created a business that helps the environment rather than harming it. But I also wanted to give back to the people around the world who need a little extra support. Helping others is key to our business and I have committed to meeting this goal by working with Soles4Souls. This is a charity that does essential work all over the world and whose global presence cannot be ignored.

Our Partnership with Soles4Souls

Not only do we give back to the environment and support responsible product creation processes, but we also reinvest in communities. Partnering with Soles4Souls is one of the key ways that Viakix is able to help those who are less fortunate. The global impact of Soles4Souls is impressive and I am proud to be part of their initiative to help those in need. This company promotes the rights of women, helps those struggling with poverty, and protects the environment. Being a partner with companies that give back is critical to the way that I envisioned our company helping change the world.

Donated shoes that are sent to Soles4Souls help prevent injuries and illnesses for those who are living in need and they also provide dignity and basic human necessities to people who do not have access to shoes and clothing. Donations that are given to Soles4Souls help people to obtain jobs, support their families, and get an education. This initiative also contributes to sustainability by making sure that unwanted shoes do not end up in landfills where they cannot be recycled and reused.

Soles4Souls has sent more than 35 million pairs of shoes to 127 countries. This is a non-profit that dovetails perfectly with the efforts of Viakix to make sure that people all over the world have what they need to thrive. Viakix does not choose between making profits and the good of communities. Viakix believes that both of these goals can be met in a way that does not impact sustainability and helps people.

What if buying a new pair of sandals could make a positive change in the world? This was the question that I asked myself and which led to our partnership with Soles4Souls and other charitable organizations.

Our mission

Viakix sandals

I am proud to have built a company that cares about the big things. I believe in sustainable production, support of local and national communities, and making a difference. I believe that too many companies are more concerned with making their quarterly profit numbers than society at large. Giving back to communities and to our planet is an important vision that I have set for my business.I believe we are executing well against our mission.

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