Finding The Perfect Travel Sandal

Authored by Adam Sherman

It’s time for that much-needed vacation. Whether you’re heading out for blue skies and sandy beaches or secret mountain hiking trails, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget to pack: the right pair of shoes! Do you think it sounds too cliché?

Trust us: it’s doesn’t.

Nobody likes to go on their dream vacation only to end up frustrated or, worse, in very uncomfortable situation because they didn’t pack the right pair of shoes! Honestly, your pair of shoes is your first line of defense against injury. Whether you're trekking in the mountains or swimming in the sea, you'll want a pair of shoes that will protect your feet from the elements. Personally, I love putting on my trusty pair of sandals and heading out into the great outdoors. There's no better feeling than having an adventure in a new place.

But if you've tried to explore with a bad pair of shoes, then you’ll know exactly what we mean. You don’t want to be stuck marching around the beach or up mountain trails in flimsy sandals or rugged, tight-fitting sneakers. Nor do you want to have to deal with those blisters after an otherwise exiting all-day adventure exploring that new city. This happened to me once, and I promised myself it would never happen again. It only took me one time to make that mistake, which ended up costing me an entire day of vacation and several painful blisters, which prevented me from swimming in the ocean.

But before you can pack the right pair of travel shoes, you’ll have to buy them first. Don’t know where to begin?

Don’t worry.

At Viakix, we know just how overwhelming it can be picking out quality travel shoes. With thousands of options available, it’s always good to keep up to date with the best sandals available to the intrepid travelers.

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to finding the best pair of travel sandals. Keep the information below in mind as you find the shoes perfect for your travels:

Why Women Should Invest in Good Sandals for Travel


Still not convinced that you need a brand new pair of travel sandals for your upcoming trip?

After reading some of the reasons why you should invest in a new pair of sandals specifically designed for travelers, you might change your mind ;) So what are the benefits of travel sandals exactly?

Increased Mobility

First of all, top travel sandals will increase your mobility and allow you to make the most of your trip.

Let’s face it; nothing can dampen your trip more than having to constantly stop and take long breaks because your feet are sore. And if you're traveling during winter to destination that has summer weather, you probably want to make the most out of your experience. Preventing issues is the first step to a seamless vacation. For me, it's my biggest priority!

If you’re anything like us when on a trip, you’re most likely always on-the-go. With the wrong pair of shoes on your feet, you’ll, unfortunately, be limited in just how much you can do. It’d be a shame to not enjoy your holiday as much as you could have because you didn’t plan accordingly and purchase the most comfortable travel sandals.

Wearing proper travel sandals for women can help add the comfort and support you need whilst traveling in style. Rather than having to stop and frequently rest your feet or, even worse, calling it a day when you were having so much fun, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your activities and make the most of your vacation.  

More Comfort

The right pair of sandals can also be the difference between you sleeping peacefully at night or lying in bed with tired feet. One time, I wore a pair of sandals that didn't have proper arch support. After walking around a city for an entire day, my feet cramped up. I could barely stand up the next morning! I had to wait a few hours and gently massage my feet before I could even think about walking on them.

For those who plan to do particularly engaging activities, tired feet can be significantly reduced. And getting a good night’s sleep is important when you’re on holiday. After all, that’s what vacation is for, isn’t it?

Having comfortable and appropriate travel shoes not only means that you’ll be able to get on with more adventures during your vacation but it also means you can do so without having to compromise your feet! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Foot Care


Our feet are usually not a priority for us. The reality is that we take our feet for granted and even forget about them. Whether they’d be squashed in sneakers that don’t allow for proper breathing/aeration or perched on high heels most of the day at work, our feet are, more often than not, mistreated. They should, however, be taken care of as they absorb our body weight with each step we take and keep us balanced and upright when we walk or run. Pretty important, wouldn’t you say?

How To Pick The Best Women's Travel Sandals:


Comfortable Travel Sandals

The most important quality of any shoe is its comfort.

If you can’t wear your sandals comfortably, consider making buying a new pair a priority. Not only does wearing the wrong shoe mean you’ll be uncomfortable, but it may also cause problems down the road. With all of that sightseeing, it's important you make sure your feet feel comfortable. It's just as important as sunscreen!

This is especially true of your travel sandals.

For this reason, be sure to invest in shoes that you find extremely comfortable. Which shoe is comfortable for you will largely depend on your personal characteristics (i.e. foot shape). Fortunately, nowadays, a lot of shoe brands offer comfortable options that are specifically designed to support your feet. Many sandals are adjustable to ensure you are getting the perfect fit.

Read on to find out what our selection of top travel sandal options is. But before, let’s dive a bit more into characteristics of good travel sandals.

Fashionable Travel Sandals

We know what you may be thinking.

Shoes that are comfortable just don’t look cute.

Though there may have been a time this was true, travel sandals now come in a variety of trending styles and can be very fashionable.

In fact, several shoe brands perfectly blend style and comfort for the best experience. You’ll even find that the right pair of stylish travel sandals looks just as good as shoes designed solely for fashion and appearance purposes.

This means that you can be sure you’ll find a pair of travel sandals you can wear with just about any outfit and you no longer have to sacrifice style on the altar of comfort. Time to match fashionable and comfortable travel sandals with your favorite look!

Browse our top sandal options below and see for yourself ;) In fact, we’re pretty confident that a few of our sandals will catch your eye.

Multipurpose Sandals


Ladies, you know how it is. When it comes to packing luggage, it’s always as if there’s never enough room.

The result?

You end up packing a suitcase that requires the strength of two football players to lift. Okay, it might not be quite that bad, but we can all admit that people generally tend to overpack, especially ladies.

Now, what if we told you that the right pair of travel sandals can help declutter your luggage, allow you to pack important things you couldn’t have if you didn’t buy travel shoes or save you money?

That’s right! Because travel sandals are very versatile, you can use them to walk up mountain trails, take a stroll on the beach or wander through narrow cobblestone streets. Purchasing a pair of travel shoes means that you won’t need to pack any other extra pairs of shoes. Whether you use this to save some money on your baggage fee or simply to pack other essentials you believe you can’t survive without is entirely up to you ;)

Also, traveling with two suitcases can be a nightmare. Multipurpose pair of travel shoes do tend to save you room in your luggage and can even mean you can ditch that second suitcase for good. How great?!

And trust us: this saves on more than just space as it can actually save you from tired feet. Indeed, by removing three extra pairs of heavy shoes from your luggage, you can really cut down on its weight. Your feet will thank you ;)

Purchasing travel sandals will help you streamline your travel experience by cutting back on the amount of luggage you carry. By finding comfortable, stylish, and multipurpose travel sandals, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your best trip yet!

Good Travel Sandals Let Your Feet Breathe

When buying shoes for a trip, people often overlook the importance of finding travel walking sandals that let their feet breathe. Open-toed sandals are ideal for allowing your feet to breathe.

While sandals offer more breathing room by their very nature than other forms of shoes, they’re not all created equal. If you’re going to be walking a lot, finding airy sandals is particularly important. I love letting my toes feel the cool breeze as much as my face does! There's nothing better than having cool feet, especially when you're hiking in hot weather. I find it really regulates my temperature and lets me walk for longer.

By allowing your feet to breathe, you can greatly increase your traveling comfort. This keeps your mind focused on your travels—and not on your feet. And the more your feet breathe, the less sweat and odor.

Avoiding sweat and odor is always a good thing, right?!

Please note, however, that the level of breathing you want for your feet is entirely subjective. What must first and foremost be considered is finding the shoes that prove most comfortable for you. For those who tend to sweat a lot, for instance, you may require additional breathing room.

By knowing what works best for your personal situation, you can pick the most appropriate pair of travel sandals that will provide your feet with the best experience.

Sandals with Great Arch Support

You know that any shoes you wear for extended travel needs to provide great arch support. Without it, you run the risk of putting excess strain on your feet. This is especially true for those who plan to go hiking or undertake any form of intense exercise while out (including walking long distances).

Sandals with arch support help provide stability to your feet. In doing so, they reduce the burden carried by the arch of your feet.

Everyone can benefit from arch-supporting travel sandals. Trust us; there’s no better way to make walking more comfortable than by investing in shoes with great arch support.

The Best Travel Sandals for Women

With this information in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top travel sandals available on the market. We’re fairly confident that whichever pair you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these popular options.

These sandals genuinely combine the comfort, support and fashion you need to get the most out of your next vacation. Even better, they come at prices that won’t empty your wallet.

Want to know more about these great travel sandal options? We’ve put together all the information you need to carefully make your selection. And remember—make sure you allow plenty of time when ordering your shoes so you can get them before your trip.

The Samara Sandal Collection from Viakix

Viakix is known for providing stylish and comfortable outdoor shoes for both men and women.

The Samara Sandal collection has proven one of their most popular walking sandals so far, as it masterfully blends the style women want with the comfort and support they need.

Currently, this game-changing collection features some fabulous color options. This solid color scheme makes them perfect for almost any outfit. I love pairing these bad boys with hiking shorts, jeans, dresses, and bathing suits. They match every single item of clothing I have and go great with any occasion. I never have to think about what I'm wearing or packing because I know my Viakix sandals will get the job done. They're my most trusted packing item when I travel!

These options give women more flexibility in choosing perfectly-crafted and durable travel sandals designed for comfortable, long-term use.

Samara walking sandals for women, feature ergonomic outsoles with shank stabilizing technology to provide maximum comfort and arch support.

Additionally, its elastic front webbing helps wearers achieve a perfect custom fit. It’s EVA foam midsole further relieves stress on the feet. This top-quality cushioning also helps to increase one's mobility.

But that’s not all that makes them perfect for your travels.

With a rugged outsole design, Samara Sandals provide superior traction—making them perfect for nearly all your outdoor activities. Further, these athletic sandals are also water-resistant in case you get caught in the rain. Their cute colors make them trendy and fashionable. Going to the bar after a hike? No problem! Simply change your outfit.

With the Samara Sandal collection, you can start making the most out of your vacation. Take back control of your travels with this popular and industry-leading travel sandal option.

The Sloane Sandal


The Sloane features an attractive crossover double woven webbing, which imparts a relaxed style that is also beach ready. Whether you're taking the museum stairs, walking the city streets all day, or out exploring mother nature, the Sloane walking sandal is an excellent travel option. The sandal delivers a great fit, durability, support and flexibility. By wearing a comfortable sandal, I feel I can enjoy nature way more than if I was distracted by an ache or a pain in my foot.


The footbed has a comfortable foam insole, that is also durable, for all-day walking. Your feet will thank you.

Viakix Napali Sandal


If your vacation involves a little more outdoor adventure, then look no further than the Napali Sandals. These sandals can be worn in a variety of different settings -- from casual city walks to serious outdoor treks. The sandal comes with a comfortable, but supportive outsole with excellent arch support. One of my favorite features is the ankle strap, which gives me that extra peace of mind when I'm hiking. I don't have to worry about rolling my ankle as much or injuring my foot.

Available in 4 different fashionable styles, including black, grey, brown, and blue, the Napali sandal features 4 adjustable straps to get the prefect fit that will keep you comfortable the whole day through.


The Napali sandals are extremely versatile, can be worn virtually any outfit and will get you loads of compliments.  

Viakix Cortona Sports Sandal


Our Viakix Cortona Sports Sandals also feature adjustable straps to fit any size meaning you’ll hardly need any breaking in period. With a price tag of $49,99, it’d be a shame for the traveler that you are not to jump in! These sandals always have me covered, and I can wear them on any terrain and during any activity. They're the best hiking companions ever!

Viakix Acadia Sports Sandal

Since we know finding fashionable, comfortable and durable hiking sandals can be tricky, we’ve added the new Acadia hiking sandals to the list of top travel sandals. The Acadia Sandal has been designed with the adventurers and explorers in mind.

These waterproof sandals are the epitome of comfort and support. Featuring five adjustable straps, they’ll fit any foot size and guarantee joy to the lucky wearer regardless of their foot condition.  


The sandals come in a variety of different colors so you can match them to your favorite outfit.

With an affordable price tag, the Acadia will fit most explorers’ wallets. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it?

The Wrap Up


Last but not least, we’d recommend you to consider the following tips as you purchase and wear your new travel sandals.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Make sure that you buy your shoes in advance so that you have time to find the right pair for you.

You’ll also want to break your sandals in by wearing them for a few hours before you go on your travels. This will help reduce the chances of having to deal with blisters on your next trip and allow you to enjoy the most comfort possible.

Try a Few Pairs of Sandals

Be sure to try on more than one pair. Because of your foot’s unique design and condition, you may find that some brands work better than others.

We strongly recommend the above-mentioned brands as you go about choosing the travel sandals that are right for you.

Depending on the type of activities you’re planning on doing, they’ll all prove incredibly-comfortable and useful options. It's the little details that count, especially when it comes to comfort and functionality.

By keeping this information in mind, you’ll be able to better enjoy your next vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sandals waterproof?

Absolutely! You can wear them in the ocean, in rivers, and in lakes. If it's raining during your hike, you don't have to stop walking. The water resistant material dries quickly and will keep your feet protected. This is one of my favorite features of the Viakix sandals, since I can never predict the weather.

Are the sandals slip-resistant?

Yes they are! They have wonderful traction that will keep you, and your feet, safe in slippery situations. The traction increases friction and helps prevent slipping. Before I had these shoes, I wore sandals that didn't have good traction. What a mistake that was! Never again will I leave the house without sandals I can trust to keep me on my own two feet.

What color options are available for the sandals?

We have all sorts of patterns and color options for you to choose from. Whether you like wearing black sandals or purple, we have all of your bases covered. I love knowing I can wear different colored outfits with my sandals, since they'll match anything and everything I have in my wardrobe. This makes packing so much easier, and it's one less thing to think about.

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