Viakix Womens Orthopedic Sandals

Wearing shoes with poor arch support or soft insoles can contribute to common foot pain. People who need orthopedic sandals often shy away from fashionable sandal styles.

But this is going to change...

Viakix Orthotic Sandals


Viakix Orthopedic Flip Flops


Our fashionable Viakix orthotic sandals come with a transforming arch stabilizer to provide maximum arch support, while minimizing foot discomfort.

Featured Orthotic Sandals

The Napali Sandal

The Cortona Sandal

The Samara Sandal

The Siena Sandal

Finally a cute orthotic sandal with arch support!

Our Viakix sandals are engineered to deliver that all-day comfort your feet need. All our Viakix sandals contain an ergonomically contoured sole with our latest arch-stabilizing technology to help get your feet issues under control.

All our Viakix orthotic sandals have been designed with fashion in mind -- so you will look great while feeling transformed.  

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