Hawaii Dreaming? Why Hawaii is desperate for you to move there

Authored by Adam Sherman

How many times have you dreamt about living and working in paradise?

Every winter (and spring and fall) I fantasize about picking the family up and moving to someplace tropical.  I dream about eating fresh fruit each morning, taking afternoons walks on the beach, and watching breathtaking sunsets. My fantasies often come to a grinding halt when I think about having a job in paradise to support myself and the family.     

Living in paradise is too good to be true, right? 

Hawaii’s providing a pretty awesome option to people like us who want to live and work in a more relaxed environment.  The Hawaiian Department of Education employs about 13,000 teachers, librarians and counselors, and an additional 12,000 educational officers, civil service and support personnel. Because of the high retirement rate for teachers in Hawaii, there is a significant gap between the required number of educators versus the available number of teachers to fill those spots.  As a result, the State of Hawaii is actively and aggressively looking for individuals with college degrees to move to the state.  And the best part? As stated on the Department of Education website, no teaching certificate or experience is required.  In this cases, employment pertains to a maximum of three school years, so that you have time to get your teaching certificate. 

Teaching in Hawaii comes with some pretty sweet benefits too.  When you land a position with the State of Hawaii, you get pension, medical and dental healthcare, tax-sheltered annuities, deferred compensation plans, and flexible spending accounts.  The average salary will range from $43,000-$90,000, depending upon the level and position. 

If you’ve ever thought about teaching, now might be the once-in-a-life-time opportunity.  You get the chance to shape the leaders of tomorrow, while living in one of the most gorgeous places on earth.  And, after school, you can correct those papers while sitting on a pristine beach, or if you prefer, you can take up surfing or diving.    Keep in mind however, that Hawaii is known to have a relatively high cost of living -- so don’t plan to live like a king on a teacher’s salary.  But hey, you do get to experience life the way it was meant to be lived. 

To learn more, take a look at Hawaii’s Department of Education brochure.  And if you do end up packing up and heading to Hawaii, don’t forget your Viakix water shoes! 

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