Finding the Best Mens Hiking Sandals

There’s nothing like spending a beautiful day out hiking on the trails – fresh air, beautiful views, and great exercise. But having hot feet while on the trail can really ruin a hike. Fully-enclosed hiking shoes can cause your feet to perspire, resulting in wet socks and feet and blisters. That’s why more and more hikers are turning to hiking sandals to free their feet while enjoying the outdoors. But finding the right pair of hiking sandals – a pair that can handle the rough terrain and provide a comfortable ride – can be a challenge.

If you have been trying to find a comfortable pair of athletic sandals for your next outdoor adventure, you might have realized just how tough it can be to track down the best hiking sandals. There are many sport sandals on the market but not all of them will hold up on the hiking trail. We’ve at Viakix know a thing or two about men's hiking sandals and have developed your go-to pair of comfortable, high-quality performance sandals.

What to Look for in a Mens Hiking Sandal

We are going to go out on a limb here and assume you are familiar with flip-flops and slides. You may even have owned some sandals in the past. But, a true pair of hiking sandals have a durable and flexible outsole that can handle tough terrain, has waterproof or water-resistant materials, and provides ample arch support and comfort.

When you are looking for quality hiking sandals, you need to be sure that these features are included in the sandals that you are considering. Otherwise, you might end up with sandals that will fall apart as soon as you start using them or they might leave you with tired feet.

When shopping for hiking sandals, these key considerations can help you narrow down your options and find the right pair for your needs:

  • Lightweight: You want to make sure the sandals you choose will add to your mobility, not weigh you down. This will especially be the case if you will be tossing them in a bag or packing them for vacation. The right combination of lightweight and durable is key to finding the right pair.
  • Comfort and Adjustability: The best pair of sandals will also be comfortable on your feet the entire day long. Make sure they are adjustable in multiple directions so you can get the optimal fit. You don’t want your feet slipping around or your sandals sliding off while you are hiking through the woods or strolling in the water.
  • Budget: This is obviously a personal consideration. How much do you want to spend on your hiking sandals? The right pair of hiking sandals for your needs can be a smart investment if the pair lasts longer and you are more comfortable on your treks.

Hiking sandals are made to take on tough jobs like walking through water or trekking over rocky terrain, and they should be very adjustable and stable on your feet. When you think about the kind of fit that your hiking shoes provide, you will have some idea of what hiking sandals need to offer as well. In other words, you should get all of the benefits of a hiking shoe included in your athletic sandals.

Getting a Comfortable Pair of Hiking Sandals

When you are investing in a pair of hiking sandals, the fit needs to be more exact. The right fit will help you avoid foot issues like blisters. The wrong size can also cause soreness when you are out walking, rafting, or camping for extended periods. At worst, the wrong size can lead to slips, falls, and injury.

It can be beneficial to get professionally measured before you start shopping for hiking sandals. This kind of fitting will tell you if you have wide or narrow heels and will also tell you about the kind of arch support that you need. Knowing your stride can also help you determine what features you need to look for.

You can also measure your own feet at home using a variety of different tips and tricks. Whether you measure at home or have a professional help you, consider this as one of the necessary steps that you should take when you start shopping for your hiking sandals. You will have a much better chance of getting sandals that fit your feet perfectly and are much more comfortable.

Not every sandal comes in wide or narrow heel widths for example. You will also find that some sandals have higher arch supports than others. These factors can make a big difference in your comfort overall. Looking for sandals that have multiple adjustments can help fine-tune the fit, whether you have wide, medium, or narrow feet.

Finally, read the online reviews of the sandals that you are considering. People who have purchased and worn the shoe will often comment if the sandals run narrow or wide, or fits just right. The feedback of others will give you a better idea of whether you need to pick a size larger or smaller than your usual size. There are many variables that can go into the way that sandals are made, and many brands have their own unique fitting peculiarities that you can learn about in the reviews.

Perhaps the most important thing for many people is that they want to wear sandals that look nice. No one is very excited about buying sandals that you would rather not be seen wearing to lunch or the store and you should not have to hike in sandals that are functional but just don’t look so great. Buying sandals that also look well-made and stylish is an important consideration as well.

There are a few things that you need to be careful about when you are shopping for hiking sandals. Not every hiking sandal is created with the same attention to detail that you might be expecting. There are some common problem areas that you should be on the lookout for when you are looking into a hiking sandal for your outdoor adventuring needs.

Abrasive Straps

Abrasive straps are the most common issue that can lead to discomfort in a hiking sandal. Some brands try to make really durable straps but this leads to thick or tough straps that will rub your feet raw. Be on the lookout for chunky straps that look like they are made of rough materials or with poor design. These factors can make your straps so tough and stiff that they will never break in properly.

Soles that are too smooth

While this is not always a marker for concern, you should be aware that smooth insoles can lead to more foot slippage, blisters, and burns. Soles that are perfectly smooth can also sometimes get quite warm as they will stick to your feet as your feet warm up. These kinds of soles can lead to burns and other discomforts that can be avoided by picking sandals that have textured soles.

Lack of traction

Hiking sandals really need to have a solid outsole in order to transverse over challenging terrain. When you do not have the right texture on the bottom of your hiking sandals, or if there is inferior rubber material used, you can lose your footing and fall. A great outsole, with excellent traction, will give you the confidence you need while out on the trials.

You should also remember that your feet are most exposed when you are wearing sandals on the trail. If you are hiking in areas that have snake populations or really sharp brush along the trail you will need to take care to watch where you place your feet. Your exposed feet will be very comfortable unless you expose them to risks that are better off avoided. Sandals are not going to protect your feet or toes from these kinds of risks, no matter which brand or style you buy.

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