Average Women’s Shoe Sizes Across the United States, Canada, and Mexico

Most Common Shoe Size in the US, Canada, & Mexico

Authored by Adam Sherman

We often get inquiries from our customers asking, ‘what is the average shoe size for women’? Given the curiosity, and lack of existing available data, we decided to answer this question.

Study Methodology

We aggregated and analyzed sales data, looking at over 100,000 anonymized orders, to determine the distribution of women shoe sizes. Given the sizing of our shoes, our data contained whole shoe sizes between Size 6 and Size 11. We broke out our online sales data across the three North American countries: Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Study Results

As expected, the distribution of shoe sizes was normally distributed. It is interesting to note that that the distribution of shoe sizes did not vary meaningfully across the three countries. As noted in the chart below, the most popular shoe size in all three countries is Size 8, representing approximately 29% of all shoes sold. Size 9 was the next most popular size, representing between 22% and 26.7% of all shoes ordered. The fewest shoe sizes sold was Size 11, representing between 5.6 – 8.0% of all orders.

Chart showing average women's shoe size in US, Canada, and Mexico

Study Limitations

There were some limitations in our study. First, Viakix only sells shoes in whole sizes. Hence, we do not have data on ½ sizes. While we do not believe having shoes in have sizes would influence the overall sizing distribution, it would have been interesting to have this level of order detail. Second, Viakix’s smallest shoe size sold is Size 6 and our largest shoe size is Size 11. While we receive a few requests for smaller and larger shoes than what we currently offer, these requests are very few. From existing data, we believe that Sizes 6 – 11 represents greater than 94.5% of all shoes sold (Research in Sports Medicine An International Journal 18(2):140-56, April 2010).


In this study, we offer recent data to answer the question: What is the most common women’s shoe size in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Analyzing a robust dataset, we find the most common whole shoe size for Canadian, Mexican, and American women is 8. We also find that there is little difference in shoe sizes across the three countries studied.

infographic american candian mexican womens shoe sizes most common average

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